The physical properties of the fluid affect the flowmeter

In the face of customers choosing flow meters, as a flow meter manufacturer, we must ask a series of questions, such as the density of the fluid, the corrosiveness of the fluid, the working pressure of the fluid, the temperature of the fluid, etc. Is it necessary to ask?

The above mentioned are actually related to the physical properties of the fluid.

The influence of the physical properties of the fluid on the flow characteristics is one of the major problems in the design and use of the flowmeter. The influence of physical properties on the flowmeter varies depending on the working principle. At present, the general flowmeter has some physical properties such as: 1 density; 2 viscosity; 3 conductivity; 4 speed of sound; 5 thermal conductivity; 6 isentropic index; 7 specific heat capacity; 8 chemical corrosion; 9 scale; 10 lubricity; 11 phase change;

Why do we have to grasp the physical parameters? What are the uses of physical parameters?

1. Selection basis The selection of the flow meter is mainly to understand the performance of the instrument and the physical properties of the measured medium. The physical parameters of the fluid are an important part of the characteristics of the measured object. When used in the field, there are many instances where measurements are not met due to insufficient or inaccurate control of fluid properties.

2. Flowmeter Design Calculation In the design calculation of the flowmeter, the physical property parameter is one of the main parameters. To make the design calculation accurate and reliable, the provision of basic data is indispensable.

3. Field use and maintenance fluid physical property change is one of the main causes of flow measurement additional error when used in the field. To reduce the additional error of the measurement, the influence of the physical property parameters on the characteristics of the flowmeter should be thoroughly discussed.

At present, there are some problems in the physical property parameters of the instrument industry. 1. The lack of online physical property measuring instruments, poor quality, and narrow application scope. In order to improve the accuracy of flow measurement, it is urgent to develop online physical property measuring instruments to make online corrections in the measurement process. Density and viscosity on-line measurement instruments (transmitters) are not only technically complex, expensive, and have a narrow range of applications, so they cannot be widely applied.

2. The accuracy of the physical parameter data is low, the confidence is poor, and the data is not uniform. The fluid property parameters used for flow measurement are generally taken from various physical, chemical, and engineering manuals. Due to mixed sources and inconsistent data, various manuals require different objects. It is difficult to meet the requirements of high accuracy in flow measurement and the need for clear numerical accuracy. Many fluids have insufficient or even no physical data, especially high-parameter (high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, high vacuum, etc.) fluids and multiple fluids (fluids). The physical parameters of the mixture) are not only poor in confidence, but even completely absent;

3. The lack of a dedicated physical property manual Considering the influence of fluid property parameters on the measurement accuracy, foreign countries have established national standards for the physical properties of minority parameters, but it is more realistic to manually compile a special manual for physical properties of flow measurement for a large number of physical parameters. Can provide more complete and unified data. In particular, with the popularization of computer use, physical parameters can no longer satisfy the requirements only with charts, and it is urgent to provide various types of calculations for ease of use.

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Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

UTECH flatbed Laser Cutting Machine works with high power Co2 laser tube, with function of cutting and engraving. Laser tube moves following the design of files, without power wasting, keeping machine work with same power on each position of working table. It gives better engraving and cutting result.

Large format could be used in many industry lines like acrylic cutting, fabric cutting, etc; it can also work well in aircraft engraving &designing, toy making, and many other non-metal materials.

>> Machine Features >>

1. CO2 Glass sealed laser tube
China famous brand (Reci, Yongli), good beam mode stability, service time over 1500~8000 working hours.
2. Laser Power
40W~180W, good quality and stable output to extend the laser tube service time.
3. Singapore imported lens and mirrors
High transmittance, good focusing, reflecting effect.
4. DSP control system, Leetro Controller
Ruida USB controller. USB interface, support online/offline working, English language system, adjustable cutting speed and power.
5. High accuracy stepper motors and drivers. Belt transmission
6. Aluminium blade table
7. Taiwan Linear guide rails
8. Lasercut 5.3 software, user`s manual
9. Tool box

>> Equipment coming together with machine >>

1. Industrial Cooling System
Constant water temperature ensures laser tube a longer service time and high stability
2. Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fan removes dust and smoke to protect the optical parts and the users.
3. Electromagnetic air pump
The air blowing protects the lens from smoke and dust pollution. Also it protects the material being processed from fire or burned.

>> Options >>

1. Red dot
The laser is invisible. Red dot shows the position of the laser on the material. It's more convenient for location.
2. Honeycomb or blade table optional
Aluminum blade table is for processing acrylic, wood and other hard materials;
Honeycomb table is for processing cloth, leather and other soft materials.
3. Up/down Z-axis
You can adjust the table height by operating the Z-axis to process thick materials. Z-axis is also a must when you need to use auto focusing and rotary.
4. Auto focusing
Auto focusing automatically adjust the focusing distance.
5. Rotary
Rotary is used when processing cylindrical objects like bottles, cups, sticks, etc.

>> The functional of optional spare parts>>

1. up and down platform: to process more thickness materials,above 5cm;
2. Rotary device:to engrave cylinder object
3. Auto focus: to check the focal length automatically
4. Red dot point: to see the sight of laser light
5.Chiller cw-3000/5000/5200: to cool the laser tube better, so that extend lifespan of it
6. Dual heads: to improve the working efficiency

fabric flatbed laser cutting machine

cloth laser cutting machine

laser engraving cutting machine


Machine model: UT-1325 laser cutting machine(Optional)
Laser type: Sealed CO2 laser tube, wavelength: 10.64μm
Laser power: 80W / 100W / 150W / 180W
Cooling mode: Circulating water cooling
Laser power control: 0-100% software control
Control system: DSP offline control system
Max. engraving speed: 60000mm/min
Max cutting speed: 50000mm/min
Repetition accuracy: 0.01mm
Min. letter: Chinese: 1.5mm; English: 1mm
Table size: 1300x2500mm
Working voltage: 110V/220V,50~60Hz
Working conditions: temperature: 0-45°C, humidity: 5%-95%
Control software language: English / Chinese
File formats: *.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.ai,*las, *doc

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Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

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