Cheng Li sprinkler work status

There are mainly two kinds of working status of sprinklers: parking water and driving water.
1. Stop the water and park the car near the water source and connect the suction pipe. If the water pump is a centrifugal pump, you must add enough water to divert it. At this time, the power box will be hung to the work file to ensure that the water pump runs at the normal rotation speed. Suction switch, the water pump into the tank, namely:
Water → Suction pipe → Pump → Diverter valve (Actuator) → Water pipe → Tank
Control valve 2. Traffic Sprinkler When the sprinkler arrives at the sprinkler location, stop to hang on the power take-off box work and drive gear, and then operate the clutch at the set speed, turn on the sprinkler switch, and sprinkle the water in the tank to the required place. ,which is:
Water tank → water pipe → pump → diverter valve (actuator) → water pipe → nozzle
Control Valves Along with the development of highway construction, highway engineering and maintenance operations have constantly put forward new requirements for sprinklers, such as front spray, post-spray, self-flow irrigation, road flushing and greening. The increase in the functionality of sprinklers has further expanded their scope of application.

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