Analysis of oil leakage at the bottom of aerial vehicles and solutions

What happened to the oil spill at the bottom of the aerial vehicle ? How can we solve it?

Causes: There are several possibilities for oil spills after long-distance operation of high-altitude vehicles. The first is rough roads, dragging the bottom during driving, and sometimes accidentally, slightly hitting the oil pan. At that time, it was not found. It was found after returning oil. It may also be that the engine is running at high speed for a long time. Oil leakage may occur due to large load, such as power steering pump and gearbox. The crankcase ventilation of the engine is often neglected during maintenance. The problem of low speed driving is not significant. Caused high crankcase pressure, oil leakage.


1. Inspect the chassis during maintenance and replace damaged parts.

2. When maintenance, allow maintenance personnel to inspect the leak site and tighten or replace the corresponding oil seal.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the crankcase ventilation parts during maintenance

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