Sewage car overflow tank how to deal with?

Sewage and oil overflow directly from the pipeline. The sales manager of the sewage suction truck manufacturer sent a picture to the customer. The original sewage was overflowed from the pipe below the four-way valve of the sewage suction truck . Manufacturers' analysis This may be due to the fact that the customer is pumping cans during the operation. There is no air inside the tank, so the dirt will be sprayed out of the pipe. The factory allows the customer to remove the several screws below the oil-water separator first. After the sewage pump is idling, the dirt can be discharged. It is also necessary to clean the pipelines to prevent the inside from being contaminated. These problems are solved. Finally, the engine oil is added to the oil-water separator to operate normally. The sewage suction truck manufacturer prompts the customer to: Must be optimistic about the rearview mirror, do not smoke too full!

Micro Silica Fume

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