Soil moisture analyzer common simple fault solution

The soil moisture analyzer is widely used in agricultural research and guidance planting. It is very convenient. However, some customers have recently reported that because they did not follow the operation guidelines, some failures occurred. The information we produced was actually some basic faults. Through some solutions can be very easy to get, the following for everyone to explain some of the common failures reported by customers.
The common faults of soil moisture analyzers are missing data, jumps, abnormal movements, etc. Because the soil moisture recorder is mainly composed of collectors, sensors, GPRS communication modules and solar power supply modules, when the instrument fails, it can Each component is checked item by item to find out why. The on-duty personnel should check the operation status of the instrument through the observation software of the soil moisture analyzer every day to see if the data can be uploaded on time. If the data is found to be missing or abnormal, etc., it should be checked on the instrument site in time to check whether the appearance of the instrument is damaged. Whether each component and connection line is normal or not can be further checked by the collector, sensor, etc. after confirming the integrity of the instrument.
The collector of the soil moisture analyzer is judged by the fault: (1) Power supply inspection. Check whether the power indicator is on. If it is off, check whether the power terminal of the collector board is loose and whether the connection is reliable. Unplug and reconnect and plug in the power terminal. If it cannot be started yet, use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage. The normal range is 12V to 15V. If it is abnormal, replace the battery. If the voltage is normal, the motherboard is faulty. Replace the motherboard. (2) Acquisition program operation check. If the running indicator blinks normally, if it does not blink, the main board is faulty and the main board needs to be replaced. (3) Serial communication check. Use debugging software to communicate with the collector through the RS232 interface, first read the clock operation (Note: Because the GPRS collector will always detect the link status with the GPRS server, sometimes affect the RS232 communication, but once detected RS232 communication, at least within 3min No longer detects the link status with the GPRS server. This will not affect the RS232 communication. If the continuous reading clock is normal and the date is correct, the serial communication of the collector is normal. (4) GPRS communication check. Check if the indicator light is always on. If it is off, check whether the SIM card is installed correctly, whether the machine is down. Check the GPRS signal status in the area. Check if the interface of the GPRS antenna is disconnected. If it is off, reinstall it. The interface reads the IP address and port of the server. If it is not correct, set it again. If all the above checks are normal and you still cannot log in to the server, you can determine that the GPRS module is faulty and replace the acquisition board.
Soil moisture analyzer sensor failure to determine: (1) terminal check. Check whether the jumper cap has come off or not, and press the cable pins connected to the sensor and the motherboard by hand to ensure reliable connection between the connected devices. (2) Sensor appearance inspection. First turn off the power switch, open the protective cover, and plug the sensor to see if there is any sign of water ingress. If the copper ring of the sensor has water droplets or rust, you can judge the water in the sensor casing, cause the sensor to be damaged, and cannot measure the data normally. No data upload, waterproof treatment should be carried out in time, replace the sensor; check the connection between the sensor circuit board and the two copper ring plates is off, if you fall off, you can use soldering iron welding; loose or damaged sensor card slot, RS485 interface damage, Problems such as damage to the sensor processing board and loose connection cables may cause the communication between the sensor and the collector to fail to be properly connected. The debugging software will not be able to communicate with the sensor for debugging. (3) Software debugging of soil moisture recorder. Problems with the sensor will directly cause the data to show strange values ​​or abnormal movements. Use the automatic soil moisture observation system software to browse the soil moisture value. If the moisture value of a certain level is abnormally high or low, read the sensor frequency value of the layer, the normal range should be 30-80Mhz, if the frequency value exceeds This range indicates that the layer sensor may be in contact with the problem or has been damaged, if the sensor can not solve the reinforcement, you need to replace the sensor layer.
Analysis of other common problems in the soil moisture analyzer: (1) The soil moisture data sometimes shows a regular discontinuity, which may be caused by a wrong setting of the control mode of the power controller. The correct power supply mode should be “6”. If there is a data discontinuity, check if the mode setting is correct. (2) Failure of the power supply system will result in the loss of data. The normal state of the power controller indicates that the green light on the left indicates that the solar panel is powered, the green light in the middle indicates that the battery voltage is normal, and the orange on the right indicates that the power supply to the circuit board is normal. If the middle indicator shows yellow, it means the battery is under voltage, red indicates that the battery is under voltage, and it cannot work. If the right indicator is off, the power switch is not turned on or the battery under voltage controller is automatically turned off. According to the indication status of the power controller, the cause of the fault can be discriminated, and troubleshooting of the power supply system can be implemented by troubleshooting the power supply line, replacing the battery, and the like. (3) Soil moisture recorders that use wired transmission sometimes have a situation where the collected data is normal and the uploaded message data cannot be generated. This is because the instrument runs for a long time and the number of generated packets is too much, exceeding the folder of the Windows system. The maximum number of files is limited. You can solve this problem by compressing the backup packets.

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