First, the main specifications of the flat knitting machine is the main production equipment for the production of sweaters, the whole machine is made up of more than 130 parts. The specifications of the flat knitting machine are based on its needle type and length, that is, the ne

The pilot work on the sustainable development policy of the coal industry in China was launched in Shanxi in recent days. It is understood that the implementation of this pilot implementation plan and the acquisition of sustainable development fund management methods have been approved by the relev

In order to meet the requirements of domestic high-quality mercerized cotton and hank yarn dyeing production, Jiangsu Wuxi Fulong Textile Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Japanese companies to develop successful tank-type high-speed rocking yarn based on years o

Fristam Pump Company of the United States recently introduced a new stainless steel positive displacement pump, a FKL series high performance positive displacement pump with a stainless steel rotor that can handle a range of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other media. This new positive displacement

I. Purpose The fruit hardness tester measures the hardness of apples and pears. Direct reading style, easy to carry. II. Principle Fruit hardness refers to the stress (N) of a force-measuring spring per unit area (S) of the fruit. Their ratio is defined as the fruit firmness (P). P = N

Recently, the urea prilling tower of the Ordos Inner Mongolia Project under construction by the China Chemical Engineering Twelfth Construction Co., Ltd. started concrete pouring. This marks 104 meters in height and 29.17 meters in diameter. At present, Asia's largest granulation tower sliding

It is reported, Hydraulic Institute (HI) (Water Institute) a new name The site began to formally put into use. It is a new beginning in the field of education in the United States. The main purpose of Pump Systems Matter (PSM) is to reduce pump energy demand in the northern part of the United Stat