CNC machining is getting more and more attention from the processing industry. In general, people use the numerical control rate of machine tools as a mark of advanced manufacturing. An important factor affecting the control of CNC machine is CNC programming. There have been data showing that 20%~3

Aptina Corporation recently announced the availability of the MT9V136 high-sensitivity image sensor solution, which uses a more fully-integrated single-chip system-on-chip (SOC) design to provide excellent low-light performance. Today we will introduce the new image sensor product in detai

The reform of the commercial auto insurance rate, which has attracted the attention of the majority of car owners, has taken the lead in the six regions of Heilongjiang since June 1 this year. It will see a big expansion next year! The reporter was informed that the China Insurance Regulatory Commi

(1) The main components in the machine tool are mostly typical mechanical components, standardized, generalized, and highly serialized. For example, sliding bearings, rolling bearings, gears, worm gear pairs, rolling and sliding guides, screw transmission pairs (screw nut pairs), clut

Application of Phosphate Fertilizer and Fertilizer Schneider Soft Starter on Screw Air Compressor Fang Xiaoping (Electrical Workshop of Yanan Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd., Tengzhou 277527, Shandong Province) introduces the working principle, main function and screw function of Schneider soft starter

Compressed air has a wide range of applications in the industrial sector, mainly for pneumatic equipment, pneumatic tools, pneumatic conveying and purging. Compressed air is provided by air compressor stations that are centrally located in the plant or dispersed in each plant. The energy consumpt

People believe that the future is the era of robotics, but at the same time they think it will take a long time to reach this era. However, when it comes to seeing that the financial industry with the highest interests is also entering the “robot” stage of wealth management, I am afrai