Introduction: In traditional agriculture, the way people obtain information on farmland is very limited, mainly through manual measurement. The acquisition process requires a lot of manpower and material resources. For example, tomato greenhouse cultivation base, CO2 concentration, tempera

The commercial lighting system index fluctuated slightly. The commercial lighting series index changed alternately in December, with a large fluctuation. The LED spotlight (downlight) index rose sharply, driving the index to rise, with a monthly average of 102.03 points, up 0.75% from the previous m

Core Tip: On April 1st, the “double-integration” policy has been officially implemented. Undoubtedly, car companies represented by BYD, BAIC, etc. will become big sellers in the points market, and fuel consumption represented by Ford and Volkswagen will be negative. Loyalty points and

In the actual process of mining, according to the physical properties of different ores, different crushers should be selected to achieve the purpose of crushing. The main physical factors affecting the crushing operation in the crusher production process are: 1. The hardness of the ore; the hardn

On May 1, the Notice on Adjustment of Value-added Tax Rate issued by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation was formally implemented. The manufacturing VAT tax rate was lowered from 17% to 16%. Auto makers led by luxury brands such as Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Lan

On January 27, 2018, FAW Liberation Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory held the “2018 Annual Purchasing Work Learning Exchange Conference”. The theme of the conference was "Embark on a new journey, meet new challenges, and go all out to create an industry-leading supply chain."

The core message: 2017 is a year of “painful and happy” for new energy vehicles. Judging from the performance forecast announced by several auto companies in recent days, the subsidy withdrawal has had a direct impact on the industry, and corporate profits have declined; at the same ti