China Drying News reported that the "Planning Plan for Building a World-class Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Industry Base in Panjin City" was passed recently. According to the requirements of the “Outline”, Panjin will strengthen the basic organic chemical industry in the

Vortex flowmeter for steam metering should pay attention to steam is divided into saturated steam and superheated steam, in general, vortex flowmeter manufacturers will give saturated, superheated steam mass flow range table for user selection, in order to determine the size of the caliber . For sup

Chinese dried according to Reuters INVISTA vision and growth strategy, the company's apparel business January 11 issued a committed implementation of differentiated fiber products in the Asia-Pacific strategy. The content of this strategy is to make use of current and future investments to ach

With the rapid increase of car ownership throughout the country, the pollutant discharge has also increased continuously, and the impact on the environment has become increasingly serious, which has brought great pressure on the air quality in cities and regions. The particulates directly

Starting from September 1, 2012, the dangerous goods transport vehicle must have a drum brake on the front plate to be allowed to board. Recently, many users have asked what is the front brake drum brake? What kind of role does it have in actual use? In add

Stairs are the combination of force and beauty that communicates and harnesses space. The straight running staircase is solemn and solemn. The overhanging arc staircase is calm and domineering, the seven-shaped staircase is exquisitely capable, the spiral staircase is warm and romantic, and the sing

Xu Jin talked about the current deficiencies of Chinese machine tool companies. "The main problem with China's machine tool exports is after-sales service. Machine tools have been exported to all parts of the world, but after-sales service stations are not available." Xu Jin