In 2014, it was evaluated by the industry as a key period for China LED to usher in a new development opportunity. This is not unreasonable. China's LED industry has experienced rapid development in the past few years, product technology has improved, sales channels have been diversified, indus

Recently, FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (hereinafter referred to as “FAW Xichai”) reported a shocking industry news: A group of Aowei brand engine products in the plant created an unprecedented 2 million in the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang

BYD's “Bus Electric” strategy blossomed at home and abroad in 2014. On April 28, 2014, the first batch of three BYD electric buses K9 was officially delivered to Taiwan Miaoli Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. This means that BYD electric buses will be formally commercialize

The National Quality Supervision and Inspection Conference held recently revealed the news that the state-owned inspection agencies will make substantial reforms. The contents of the meeting showed that under the situation in which the new central government has vigorously promoted the change of fun

With the roar of a machine, the DG956-LNG gas loader successfully went offline, which marked a further step forward in the development and application of new energy technologies. DG956-LNG loader uses clean energy LNG promoted by the country as fuel, green, low-carbon, and environmental protection

The reporter had the privilege of interviewing Hu Hu , an executive director of Yantai- Furiksen Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. , at a relatively relaxed time. He used his rigorous logical thinking, innovative environmental protection concepts and strong sense of social responsibility to explain

On December 28, Zoomlion signed a construction project agreement with Chongqing Bishan County. The company's agricultural machinery industry park will be located in the Laoshan Industrial Park. Zoomlion’s agricultural machinery sector will take the first step. “Yaoshan Industrial