First, the main specifications of the flat knitting machine is the main produ

The pilot work on the sustainable development policy of the coal industry in China was launche

In order to meet the requirements of domestic high-quality mercerized cotton

Fristam Pump Company of the United States recently introduced a new stainl

I. Purpose The fruit hardness test

Recently, the urea prilling tower of the Ordos Inner Mongolia Project under construction by th

It is reported, Hydraulic Institute (HI) (Water Institute) a new name The site began to fo

The water jet polymer dispersion device jointly developed by the Shengli Petroleum Administrat

Due to the high viscosity of crude oil in well with heavy heavy oil, the relatively poor cr

Valve procurement only a clear specification, type, pressure to meet the procurement requiremen

From the Peony Zhongguancun Digital TV Industrial Park, good news came from t

The Gudao Oil Refinery improved the “anti-sand card-type pumping pumpâ

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