Analysis of the problems in the numerical control transformation of machine tools

Product quality and output. The purchase of new CNC machine tools is a way to improve the numerical control efficiency of machine tools. The numerical control of old machine tools is also an important way to improve the numerical control efficiency of machine tools. CNC machine tool transformation can reduce the cost of purchasing CNC machine tools and save money for enterprises. In recent years, with the expansion of the demand for various types of machine tools in China, the transformation of machine tools has gradually formed an industry, most of which is the numerical control transformation of the old CNC machine tools, and some of them are the numerical control transformation of ordinary machine tools. The problems that should be paid attention to during the process of numerical control transformation of machine tools are as follows for your reference.

I. Cost-effective analysis of machine tool numerical control transformation and renewal

Before the CNC machine is transformed, the price of CNC machine tools with the same performance on the market should be investigated. The comparison of the two prices should also consider the delivery time. For small CNC cars and milling machines that are not expensive, it is recommended to update and purchase new machine tools without retrofitting old machine tools. Because the cost of the two is similar, the savings are less, and the machine tool transformation time is about 2 months. For small CNC cars and milling machines, machine tool manufacturers generally have stock. For large-scale, high-priced machine tools, CNC transformation is a better choice, which not only saves more money, but also shortens the acquisition time. For example, a work surface size of 2000 × 1800mm, three-axis linkage, 60 horizontal machining center of the tool is as follows.

Second, the current situation of the machine tool to be transformed

Not all old machine tools are suitable for CNC transformation, and a comprehensive understanding of the machine tools to be modified is required.

It is necessary to make a correct judgment on the mechanical system of the machine tool. Good mechanical performance is the basic condition for the successful transformation of the machine tool. Otherwise, the best CNC system can not play its proper performance. Therefore, before the CNC transformation of the machine tool, the machine tool should be tested for mechanical precision, and the problem can be repaired during the implementation of the machine tool transformation. If there are many problems in the machine tool system, such as the old machine tool in the mechanical structure design, manufacturing defects, the machine tool CNC transformation will not have much significance.

The old machine tool electrical system is the key work of machine tool transformation due to the aging failure of components. To understand the old machine tool CNC system manufacturer model, the number of control axes, spindle, feed axis drive configuration, spindle motor power, feed axis motor torque.

Check that the random technical data is complete and complete, and the complete technical data can shorten the technical preparation time for machine tool transformation. Among them, electrical schematics, PLC programs, machine maintenance manuals, hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication schematics, mechanical assembly drawings, etc., we must carefully study. It is important to note that the content provided by the technical data may be incorrect and does not match the actual machine tool. This is because some machine tool manufacturers provide general drawings of series models. The electrical and hardware changes of individual machine tools are not marked on the electrical data. This requires us to check the actual value of the machine tool and carefully check to avoid mistakes.

Third, the determination of machine tool numerical control transformation plan

On the basis of machine tool mapping, the overall machine tool transformation plan is determined according to the requirements of the user.

1. Reform plan of numerical control system

The transformation of the machine tool is firstly the transformation of the numerical control system. According to the existing control level of the machine tool, the processing requirements of the workpiece, and the capital situation of the enterprise, the corresponding low, medium and high-grade numerical control systems are selected. When choosing a CNC system, you need to consider the products of the mainstream manufacturers. For example, foreign CNC systems can choose FANUC, Siemens systems, etc., and domestic CNC systems can choose Huazhong and Kanedi systems. It should also be as consistent as possible with the CNC system of other CNC machine tools available to the machine tool user. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair the machine tool on a daily basis; the centralized CNC system also facilitates the reduction of spare parts types. When the CNC system is selected, it is based on the principle of practicality. It is not necessary to waste money for pursuing a high grade.

2, the spindle servo system transformation program

The old CNC machine tool spindle control generally uses DC servo or AC analog servo drive system. According to the use requirements, the original drive unit and the spindle motor can be omitted, and the AC digital servo drive system can be used instead of or controlled by the inverter. The original drive system can also be retained, such as a good AC analog servo drive system; the DC servo drive system can retain a good DC motor and replace the old drive with a new DC servo control.

3. Reforming scheme of feed servo system

Similar to the transformation scheme of the spindle servo system, the original drive unit and the motor can be replaced without using the AC digital servo drive system, and the original drive system, such as a good AC analog servo drive system, can be retained.

4. Reconstruction plan of closed-loop control and detection device

For the inductive synchronizer/foot of the old machine tool, the circular grating and the grating ruler can be used instead. When selecting the type, pay attention to the consistency of the interface signal between the detection component and the system, square wave signal or voltage signal. If the grating of the old current signal is retained, a conversion signal of the current signal to the voltage signal is required to match the new system, because most of the new systems do not support the current signal.


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