Wuhan Shipbuilding won 2 platform crane orders

Recently, it was learned that Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully undertook the contract of Shenzhen Tonglian Shipyard for the 75T-45m and 45T-65m two cranes for the "Explorer" semi-submersible offshore platform .
The two cranes and two cranes that were undertaken this time met the API-2C standard, and the ABS classification society was established, which opened up a new situation for the company to steadily advance in the offshore platform crane market. The company will apply independent intellectual property technology on the project, and in accordance with the requirements of users, develop high-efficiency lightweight crane products with good performance, high reliability and beautiful appearance.
The company will steadily advance in the offshore engineering crane market, strengthen and expand the offshore engineering equipment industry, and strive to form an operating scale of 1 billion yuan per year during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, laying the foundation for the industrialization of offshore products.

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