Two types of parts after ball mill dismantling

Although the ball mill is a giant, it is composed of many parts after its dismantling. It is not difficult for us to have a detailed understanding of the structure of the ball mill. In fact, the overall appearance of the ball mill is more complicated. In fact, the ball mill that is frequently disassembled is clear at a glance. To understand the ball mill more clearly, let's look at our red star's introduction to the ball mill parts!

(A) Ball Mill Machine

The ball mill barrel is a cylindrical thin-walled shell made by rolling and welding a steel plate. The barrel body is provided with different shapes of the liner plate and the bulkhead plate, and a manhole is also opened in the barrel body so as to inspect and fill the grinding body. . The cylinder is a member that withstands variable loads and operates at a low speed for a long period of time. It is also the main body of the ball mill. Therefore, we must consider whether it is a replacement part in the design, that is to ensure the safety and reliability of work, long-term use. The key in manufacturing is to ensure the roundness and welding quality of the cylinder.

The design principles of the cylinder are:

1, the choice of steel material.

2, the principle of the arrangement of the tube steel plate.

3. For a ball mill barrel with a relatively large diameter, if there is a hoop weld in the middle, the steel plate in the middle can be selected to be thicker, but the inner surface of the barrel should be smooth.

4. The bolt holes of the fixed lining plate and the bulkhead plate on the cylinder body shall be opened according to the lining plate size, and shall be vertically and horizontally formed for processing.

5. The manholes on the cylinder should be opened in the central positions of the warehouses. The manholes in the warehouses should also be staggered symmetrically along the busbars of the cylinders. This has greater margins for adjusting the positions of the silo plates, and is also beneficial to the strength of the cylinders. , It also facilitates loading and unloading grinding bodies.

6, manhole specifications. Manhole is also called grinding door. Its function is to make parts and people in the cylinder body free to come in and out, and it is easy to overhaul. Therefore, its size should not be too small, but it should not be too large. If the manhole is too large, the cylinder The intensity of the section weakened.

(B) grinding media liner

The liner is a kind of protection cylinder laid in the cylinder body and an important auxiliary component for grinding. The material requirements are relatively high. In the coarse grinding bin, the impact of the grinding body is required. Therefore, the material is required to have sufficient impact toughness. After being impacted, the surface can be hardened by cold and become very hard and wear-resistant. In the fine-grinding chamber, it is mainly based on the grinding effect of the grinding body, and the material requirement for the liner is hard and wear-resistant.

The shape of the lining surface is different from that of the grinding body. The surface shape of the lining can be selected according to the characteristics of the ball mill and the thickness of the grinding material.

a. Strip lining board b. Project rib lining board c. Wave board lining board d. Ladder lining board e. Flat lining board f. Corrugated board

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