Chairman of Yuchai Group’s Board of Directors Fuping visited CSR Yuchai

On April 9, 2012, Yu Ping , Chairman of Yuchai Group’s Board of Directors, and his party visited Sancha Yuchai . Mr. Zhang Zhengqing, Chairman of CSR Yuchai, warmly welcomed.

Zhang Ping listened to Zhang Zhengqing’s work report. After hearing the report, Luan Ping put forward three requirements for CSR Yuchai: First, seize development opportunities and be brave in taking responsibility; second, integrate advanced culture and form its own characteristics; third, do a solid job of product planning to ensure sustainable development of the company.

Zhang Zhengqing stated that the company will, as required, establish a mechanism for the recruitment of talents under the canon and the can, and build a team with “five initiatives” (active responsibility, active thinking, active learning, active innovation, and active coordination). Spiritual, passionate cadre team, comprehensively promote the company's development.

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