Guangxi Really Prevents Safety Production Accidents Such as Dangerous Chemicals

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The Guangxi Regional Government issued a notice requesting that a thorough investigation of environmental risks and safety hazards be conducted within the entire region before the end of April to effectively prevent environmental risks such as dangerous chemicals and safety production accidents.

The major areas of this investigation include coal mines and non-coal mines, starch and alcohol companies, industrial parks and industrial concentration areas, offshore and marine production operations, and the production, transportation, operation, use, and storage of hazardous chemicals. Among them, the dangerous chemicals will be led by the Autonomous Region Security Supervision Bureau to organize public security departments, environmental protection agencies and the Ministry of Transport to jointly conduct a comprehensive investigation of related hazardous chemicals companies and construction projects, focusing on checking whether the company obtains environmental protection, safety and other administrative licenses, construction projects Whether environmental protection and safety facilities “three simultaneous” are implemented, whether hazardous chemical processes and toxic chemicals are installed with automatic control systems, and whether critical hazard sources for hazardous chemicals are installed with automatic monitoring and monitoring systems for temperature, pressure, liquid level, and leakage alarms, toxic gases and Whether the gas is equipped with an emergency cut-off device or not, whether the Linjiang River, the sea and the enterprises located in the urban area are equipped with "clean water" collection facilities in the event of an accident.

In terms of offshore and marine production operations, it will be led by the Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Commission for Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Oceanic Administration, and the Maritime Safety Administration, focusing on the investigation of all types of coastal and chemical companies and smelters that are under construction and under construction. Sewage facilities construction, operation and sewage, offshore, offshore oil exploration, oil pipelines and other production facilities, ports, terminals, ship oil spill emergency equipment and safety facilities, "three simultaneous" situation.

The relevant departments in Guangxi Yulin City currently have 13 third-class non-pharmaceutical non-pharmaceutical business units such as Yulin City Hongzhou Acetylene Plant and other five dangerous chemical product manufacturers, Guangxi Yulin Hongwei Chemical Co., Ltd., and Nanning Bainong Technology. Eight pesticide wholesalers and operators, including the Agricultural Materials Chain Management Co., Ltd. and Yulin Distribution Service Department, conducted a large-scale investigation of on-site environmental risks and hidden dangers. A total of 38 hidden troubles were discovered, 21 were rectified on site, and 17 were rectified within a time limit.

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