Jiucheng liquefied gas pressure relief valve extended "service" serious safety problems

The liquefied gas pressure reducing valve has a service life of only five years. However, most of the city's citizens lack the sense of replacement. The liquefied gas cylinder pressure relief valve with a five-year use period has been used for nine years, and some of them have not even been replaced. The city's 90% The above bottled liquefied gas users failed to properly use related equipment and there are safety hazards.

Yesterday morning, Xiamen China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. organized technical and maintenance personnel to walk into the Xiangeli community to carry out safe gas campaigns. Contents include compulsory maintenance of stoves, distribution of safety gas propaganda materials, gas safety consulting services, gas leak treatment on-site demonstrations, bottled gas user status survey questionnaires and other award-winning activities.

The reporter found at the scene that most residents of the community did not have the consciousness of replacing the pressure reducing valve. When asked, "How long does your home's pressure relief valve have not changed?", the residents' response is generally "Don't remember, in 1989," or "never changed." According to the technical requirements, the service life of the pressure reducing valve of liquefied gas cylinders is generally five years. The pressure relief valves in the households of the surveyed households have basically exceeded the service life, and there are major safety risks.

According to professionals, the liquefied gas pressure reducing valve is a valve that connects the gas cylinder and the cooker, and its function is to relieve the pressure when the gas is out of the bottle. There is a rubber pad in front of the valve stem in the valve. After long-term use, the rubber pad is easy to be aged and deformed. The aging and deformation of the leather pad can easily become a safety hazard of gas leaks.

In fact, the phenomenon of not paying attention to replacing the liquefied gas pressure reducing valve exists not only in the Xiangeli community. The relevant staff of Xiamen Huarun Gas Co., Ltd. told the reporter that there are more than 230,000 bottled liquefied gas users in the island, mainly concentrated in Xiangeli, Jinji Pavilion, Lotus Five Villages, and Lakeside 1 to 4 Mile. Among them, the proportion of users who have not replaced the pressure reducing valve exceeds 90%.

The person in charge also reminded that whether the use of bottled liquefied petroleum gas or pipe gas, the maintenance of gas hose is very important. The service life of the gas hose is generally three years. The user should pay attention to the replacement so as to avoid aging of the hose, damage caused by gas leakage, or switching to a longer life metal hose.

How to prevent gas leakage: 1. When not using gas (including stopping gas), pay attention to closing the valve, including the front and rear valves of the gas pipeline, the cylinder angle valve, and all the switches on the cooker. 2. Regularly use soapy water to check whether the gas facility is leaking. 3. When using gas, someone must take care of it to prevent the soup from overflowing and extinguishing the flame or wind to blow out the fire and cause gas leakage.

Find out how to handle the gas leakage of the liquefied gas pressure reducing valve: 1. All valves should be closed. 2, open the doors and windows ventilation, in the gas leakage scene is strictly prohibited open fire, prohibited the use of various types of cutting tools, non-switching appliances and the use of communications tools. 3, timely disperse the leakage of gas in the house, the comparison of air-heavy liquefied petroleum gas and air-oil mixture should also pay special attention to disperse the leakage of gas in the floor, cabinets and other low-lying. 4. If the gas equipment is faulty or cannot be controlled through the valve, it should immediately call the air supply company to repair the phone or dial “110” alarm.

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