Liugong Remanufacturing Development Concept

Liugong Remanufacturing Development Concept In mid-October 2012, the inauguration ceremony of Liugong Remanufacturing Company's new factory was held in Liugong International Industrial Park. The completion of the new factory opened a new page for Liugong Remanufacturing.

The remanufacturing technology focuses on remanufacturing green cleaning technology, surface repair technology, evaluation of residual life of old parts, and life prediction technology of remanufactured parts. It adopts advanced special manufacturing process technologies and equipment to repair old parts in batches. Performance upgrade to achieve or even exceed the original performance of the old product. Construction Machinery Industry Benchmarks Caterpillar has 68 remanufacturing facilities worldwide, and remanufacturing has become one of the company’s fastest growing businesses. Liugong’s remanufacturing business currently uses the old products of the transmission and hydraulic system as the blanks, adopts advanced technology, technology and equipment, and re-manufactures the products on the basis of the original manufacturing. The remanufactured products have the same or even more than the original performance and quality. product.

At the inauguration ceremony of the new factory, Yu Yajun, vice president of Liugong Corporation, proposed to the remanufactured company a grand goal of achieving 30 million yuan in 2012 and 2.5 billion yuan in sales in 2015. The remanufacturing company's new factory occupies an area of ​​6,300 square meters. Apart from the original equipment, the company will successively introduce ultrasonic testing equipment, pyrolysis furnaces, shot blasting machines, hot and cold pressure washers and Other equipment. In 2013, Liugong Remanufacturing Company will focus on parts of loaders and excavators, focus on remanufacturing products with cylinders, valves, and hydraulic motors, and develop high-priced remanufactured products to form new growth points for remanufactured products. Plan to complete 50 million yuan sales target. In the future, it will gradually form a full range of remanufacturing technologies. By 2015, Liugong’s parts remanufacturing business will achieve a sales target of RMB 250 million.

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