Young non-commissioned officer jumped out of the river to rescue the girl's mother and daughter

Young non-commissioned officer jumped out of the river to rescue the falling girl from the mother and daughter to thank the diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-16

On her way home, she encountered a five-year-old girl who fell into the river. The young noncommissioned officer did not hesitate to jump into the water and lifted the girl to rescue him, but she hurriedly left the scene. The girl’s mother was searching for nearly two months and finally dialed the beneficiary's phone list. Yesterday, the story of the rescue of a girl who was drowned by Huang Dingyong, a non-commissioned officer of the Air Force Radar Academy in Huangpu District, was reported by this newspaper and triggered repercussions from all walks of life.
Yesterday (15th), under the leadership of the reporter, the rescued girl Yang Simin and her mother Yang Xiuying rushed to Huang Xi, and expressed gratitude to Huang Ding.
The reporter visited the incident site
The girl who falls into the water does not dare to cross the river alone
Yesterday, the reporter drove for more than two hours and came to Yangdian Town, Xiaogan City, across the township hospital and found Yang Xiuying.
Under the leadership of Yang Xiuying, the reporter came to the moat side of the incident. As I approached, I saw that the river was black, and although the weather was not hot, there was still a lot of smell and there was a lot of floating garbage. Yang Xiuying told reporters that the river is seriously polluted and the sludge is very deep. If the child falls a little longer, it may be dead. "It is a clean river. Most people do not dare to jump in and save." Pointing at the filthy river, Yang Xiuying deeply felt that Huang Ding saved her daughter.
The reporter found several witnesses on the day at the scene. They recalled that the temperature was only zero degrees Celsius on that day. Si Min wearing a cotton-padded jacket rides a baby carriage to play on the small road beside the moat. Because of steep slopes and slippery roads, even people drove into the river. At this time, Yang Xiuying, who was sitting in the road and chatting, quickly rushed toward the river after hearing a cries for help. He ran halfway and saw a dark shadow jumping into the river.
Yang Xiuying recalled that when her daughter was rescued, she was already soaked and shivering. Her face was stained with sludge and my nose was blocked by the mud. At that time, because of anxiously settled daughter, she did not have time to see the appearance of "black shadow", but also did not say thank you to him.
"Thank you for saving me that day."
5-year-old girl expresses gratitude to the uncle
“Who did you know who was the family who saved my daughter?” With this question, Yang Xiuying asked all over the surrounding villages and towns in the past two months and asked about the whereabouts of benefactors. However, the nearby residents did not have any impression of the young man who saved the day. Everyone said that the rescuer of the day left the island and did not even leave a name.
Finding benefactors can express gratitude face to face and become an important “task” for Yang Xiuying in the past two months. Until the day before, under the guidance of the informed villagers, she finally figured out the name of the benefactor, Huang Ding, a boyfriend who was studying in the field with the girl Cheng Chengcheng and was a soldier in the army. On the same day, Yang Xiuying quickly found Cheng Cheng’s home, hoping to write a thank-you note to the army and express his gratitude and be rejected. However, what makes Yang Xiuying very happy is that on the same day, she obtained Huang Ding’s mobile phone number through Cheng Cheng and called the benefactor's phone number.
Yesterday, during an interview with reporters, Yang Xiuying said several times that he had the opportunity to express his gratitude to benefactors. To meet her wish, yesterday's reporter tweeted to Huang Ding, hoping that he could take time to meet the girl he had saved. At first, Huang Ding had always thought that he was doing only a small thing and resolutely resigned. After several rounds of communication, Huang Ding had the same opinion.
Yesterday afternoon, at 3:00 pm, together with the reporter, he arrived at the site of Huang Hao’s appointment, and quickly recognized his soldier’s uncle Huang Ding. "Uncle, thank you for saving me that day. Uncle, you are so handsome!" Clever Simin quickly ran up and expressed his gratitude to Huang Ding with his young children. Hearing these words, Huang Ding's face was a little red.
Yang Xiuying, who was on the sidelines, was also agitated to see her benefactor to save her daughter. She continued to say "thank you," while Huang Ding waved her hand and said "I don't thank."
After a few conversations, Simin soon joined up with Huang Ding. During the conversation, Huang Ding also walked with Siming. “I really did not expect to be a trivial matter but still be entrusted to the present.” During the interview, Huang Ding said that the move of the day was only a trivial matter, but it was nothing more than a show of hands.
Yesterday, Huang Ding told reporters that after the rescue of Simin that day, due to the icy coldness of the river, he was so cold and shivering that he had to return to his girlfriend's home to take a bath and put on his girlfriend's clothes. As he was rushing back to the army on the same day, he left without leaving more. This "little thing" was buried in his heart and he never spoke to others. Yesterday, seeing lively Sim Min, Huang Ding told reporters that even if he comes back again, he will still make the same move.
Soldiers went to the earthquake-stricken area for half a year
Fight for 6 hours with comrades to save the wounded
During the interview, the reporter learned that there are still many stories of Huang Ding.
In December 2007, Huang Ding, who lives in Xiaogan City, was drafted into the army and was a soldier of a paratroop. On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan earthquake occurred. On the second day, Huang Ding, a new soldier, followed the troops and rushed to the Wenchuan Sichuan earthquake relief line. Huang Ding told reporters that in the days of Wenchuan, he and his comrades searched the ruins every day to rescue every living life. In order to save a woman who was buried in the ruins for 124 hours, he and his comrades together moved stones, sawing steel bars, smashing floors, grinding palms in their palms, and sweat soaking their clothes. After successfully fighting for five or six hours, the woman was rescued successfully.
During the disaster relief, Huang Ding won a personal third grade for his outstanding performance. In November 2011, Huang Ding studied at the Air Force Radar Academy Huanghua Campus.
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