The third of JCB's military product line: Military solutions

JCB has the advantages of large loading capacity and large digging force, and can adapt to various types of attachments, such as forks, sweepers, etc., and can be freely used under various conditions.

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The military can be provided with hydraulic power assisted lateral shifting or mid-mounted 3CX or 4CX, both of which can be transported using aircraft. It can be lifted using a CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter, or it can be shipped using a C17 transport plane. The 1CX can also be transported using the C130 Hercules transport aircraft.

Construction Site

Optional equipment includes winter low temperature and waterproof devices, can work at -40 °C, 3CX and 4CX wading depth of up to 1.5 meters. Other optional devices include ammunition storage, 24V electrical system, emergency starting device, front winch, etc.

JCB can provide military bulletproof and explosion-proof protection.

main feature:

Comfortable cab environment

Multi-functional, able to complete a large number of different tasks;

Humanized design, easy to operate. (This article comes from JCB)

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