Magna First Announces MAX4 Autopilot Platform

Obstacles to achieving higher levels of autonomous driving can be attributed to the development of supporting infrastructure and laws and regulations, and should never be constrained by technical aspects. Today, Magna first announced the newly developed MAX4 autopilot platform to prove this. As a highly integrated, self-driving sensor and computing platform, it is customizable and highly scalable, enabling L4 level autopilot for urban roads and highways.




The MAX4 combines a computing platform with a camera, radar (RADAR), lidar (LiDAR), ultrasonic sensor, and a flexible design that makes it easy to integrate with all car manufacturers' existing and future vehicle platforms. It also adapts For hybrid cars and electric cars. In addition, Magna's computing platform can be scaled for mass production, with a high degree of flexibility, and can be upgraded in configuration. Compared with other alternatives, Magna's computing platform is fully functional in the event of power shortage.

In the MAX4 design, Magna overcomes the common challenges faced by the autopilot platform in its R&D and production with its own professional vehicle perspective.

Crucially, the MAX4 retains the freedom of the car manufacturer's existing car design and styling during the integration process. The platform will not occupy the storage space at the rear of the car or affect the personal space of the main car cabin.

“The core of this research and development is to demonstrate to the market Magna's comprehensive and diverse technical capabilities. The subsystems provided by our automated driving platform can maintain the interior and exterior design of the original model,” said Magna CFO, Swamymi. Carterly said. “Our focus on R&D for mass production solutions enables flexible vehicle integration, while the platform's frame design can quickly respond to market demands and achieve L4 level autopilot.”

One of Magna's goals is to provide the driver with the most convenient way of operating the autopilot system. The driver can select an intuitive, familiar user interface similar to the adaptive cruise control by pressing the button. Enabled. When the button is lit, the vehicle is in the automatic driving mode, and the driver can simply exit the automatic driving by simply pressing the brake or pressing the emergency button.

According to the International Automotive Engineering Society (SAE) classification standard, L4 level autopilot can realize all core safety functions in a specific area without driver participation. Location and navigation information. Relatively speaking, according to SAE standards, a large number of models currently listed still use the L1 and L2 levels of autopilot. The vehicle still requires the driver to actively intervene in driving.

Since 2000, Magna has been developing and providing autopilot technology for car manufacturers. Not long ago, Magna demonstrated L3 level autopilot technology in a cross-border test of nearly 500 kilometers. In 92% of road tests, the vehicles are in automatic driving.

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