The danger of freezing to the mine

First, the basic concept of freezing 1. Freezing point freezing point refers to the freezing point of water at an atmospheric pressure. 2. Cold injury Cold injury refers to the harmful effects of cold on the body, collectively referred to as cold injury. Cold injury can be divided into two types: systemic cold injury and local cold injury. If the body temperature is too low, it is a systemic cold injury. Local cold injury can be divided into two types: freezing cold injury and non-freezing cold injury. Cold injury refers to local cold injury caused by short-term exposure to extremely low temperatures or prolonged exposure to low temperatures below freezing. At this time, the body tissue freezes, so it is called frostbite. Non-frozen cold injuries include the following three types: (1) standing on the ground refers to the occurrence of low temperature (0 ° C -100 ° C) in the humid or steam environment, the person standing still, causing the blood vessels of the body tissue and Neuropathological damage. (2) Soaking foot is a cold injury caused by long-term immersion of the foot in cold water above freezing point. It is called soaking. (3) Frostbite is often found in the hands and can also occur in the feet; Caused by low temperature and humidity above freezing point. Second, the danger of freezing 1. Workers working in a frozen environment will increase the body's blood viscosity, blood volume, blood flow is slow, platelets are easy to coagulate, it is easy to form thrombosis and coronary blood supply is insufficient, it can also cause colds, pneumonia, etc. A series of traumatic diseases such as respiratory diseases and skin cracking. Not only that, workers operating equipment under freezing temperature conditions will be seriously affected, which may lead to work-related accidents. 2. mine icy roads, the car and motorcycle transportation with road and rail skid, when causing crash, car, car crash and roll-over accidents. 3. Open-pit mining and transportation equipment, often freezing the engine body due to freezing, affecting production and safety.

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Bronze Coupling

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