How to judge the quality of foam products according to the color and gloss of foam?

Foam color is a distinct appearance feature of flotation. The flotation worker can judge whether the flotation is normal and the quality of the foam product according to the change of the color of each operation and the area foam.

The color of the foam product is determined by the color of the mineral adhered to the surface of the foam. In the foam, Hui copper ore was steely; chalcopyrite greenish golden yellow; malachite was dark green with black; galena was steely, foam emptiness in the slightly dark gray lead; pale sphalerite brown yellow; hematite was brick red.

The tail foam is often the color of the white water film. If the color of the sweeping zone is darker and exhibits a useful mineral color, it means that the loss of metal in the tailings will increase. In the selected area, the deeper the color of the floating mineral, the better the quality of the concentrate.

The luster of the foam is also broken by the luster of the attached mineral and the gloss of the water film. Sulfide minerals tend to exhibit a strong metallic luster, and oxidized minerals are mostly semi-metallic luster or earthy luster. The mineralization of the foam in the sweeping area is poor, showing the glass luster of the water film. If the semi-metallic luster appears in the sweeping foam, the metal loss is large.

The floating mineral grains are coarse, the surface of the foam is rough, and the gloss is weak, giving a wrinkle. The floating minerals are fine and the surface of the foam is smooth.

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