Can the toilet be warmed up

Floor heating generally appears in the bedroom and the living room. As people's economic level increases, bathroom baths in the bathroom are increasingly unable to meet people's demand for warmth! With the warmth of the ground entering everyone's field of vision, we ask such a question, can the bathroom be heated?

If the bathroom is installed with a warm floor, the comfort level will be higher, because the ground heat is transmitted through the floor in the form of radiation from the bottom up, so the soles of the feet will not be cold at first, and the dampness and odor of the bathroom can be completely solved; On the other hand, the area of ​​the bathroom is generally not large, so it is better to use floor heating. However, the bathroom is limited to warming in the dry area. We do not recommend it in the wet area.

In fact, the bathroom floor heating system has been widely used in Europe, Australia, the Americas and many other countries. In China, general heating companies often have doubts about the above, and therefore believe that it is difficult to achieve the required temperature for the floor heating, but to give up the bathroom floor heating options, but professional companies will rely on practical construction experience, using the following ways Satisfy the temperature requirements of the bathroom to improve the user's comfort.

What are the benefits of bathroom floor heating?

“Warm and cool” is the theory of Chinese medicine’s health. That is, the most comfortable heating state for the human body is gradually decreasing the heat from the sole of the foot to the head. The heating is based on the underground heating pipe as the heat source, and the floor heating uniformly heats the entire ground through the floor radiation layer. The use of hot air from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of warm room.

Bathroom floor heating not only provides unparalleled enjoyment of high comfort, because the floor heating is transmitted through the ground in the form of radiation from the bottom up, the body will not be cold. And the warm infrared far-infrared radiation wavelength is 8-12 microns, which is beneficial to the human body. And can also completely solve the wet and odor of the bathroom.

Warm toilet installation precautions?

For the radiant floor heating room, the bathroom is a very special part. The contradiction between high heat load indicators and insufficient supply of floor heating is relatively prominent. The bathroom has features such as high design temperature, small floor area for warm floor heating, and large thermal load index for floor heating, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the specification requires that the bathroom design temperature is about 22 ~ 25 °C, according to the specification when the floor heating design temperature can be taken convective heating system to calculate the total load of 90% ~ 95% or the value of the indoor temperature corresponding to the indoor heating system convection calculation The temperature is reduced by 2°C. Usually, the temperature is designed in accordance with 20 to 24°C. The design temperature of the room is high, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor heat transfer is large. Under the same maintenance structure and outdoor design temperature conditions, high heat transfer temperature difference leads to high heat flux, thus increasing the heat load indicator of the bathroom.

Second, the air quality requirements and the frequent opening of the bathroom ventilation fan, making the bathroom a large number of air changes, cold air penetration heat load greater. Usually the bathroom cold wind penetration heat load accounts for about half of the total bathroom heat load, or even more.

Third, baths, basins and other sanitary ware and water pipes, domestic hot water pipes, etc. occupy a larger space, resulting in the use of toilets for the installation of floor heating pipe space is very limited.

The above is for everyone to introduce is the bathroom can not be installed to warm, and now we should also have some understanding, right? If your bathroom is separate from dry and wet, then in the dry area can be installed to warm, and after installing the floor heating can also solve the bathroom odor problem, if your bathroom does not dry separation, then it is not recommended to install.

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