Precautions for gold ore dressing equipment operation

1. Gold ore processing equipment more species. There are many models in the whole system, and there may be some heavy-duty trucks. The body is tall and there is a blind spot. It poses a great security threat to small vehicles that cross on the mine road.

2. The driver is labor intensive. Some drivers work alone, work is monotonous, boring, sleepy, and sometimes need to drive at night, during this time the driver will be prone to snoring, sleepiness, inattention, slow reaction of hands and feet, etc. The plant area of ​​gold ore dressing equipment poses a great safety hazard.

3. The production and transportation road conditions in the mining area are complicated. Due to the limitation of production conditions such as equipment scope and location arrangement, there are many ramps on the traffic lanes, and the location of the project changes rapidly. The slopes on the transport roads are affected to some extent by rocks and materials, and the line of sight is not good.

4. The safety awareness of individual drivers is not strong, and the degree of education of drivers is uneven. In particular, most truck drivers are engaged in heavy truck driving from coal truck drivers recruited from social examinations. The degree of education is generally not very high. Some families have heavy burdens, lack of rest, and are sleepy and inattentive.

5. The weather conditions have a greater impact on safety. Open-pit gold ore dressing equipment Mines are transported in an open-air environment. The sudden change of weather environment has a great impact on the safety of the operation. The bad weather has a great influence on the driver's driving sight and road. .

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