Choose the right crusher based on the physical properties of the ore

In the actual process of mining, according to the physical properties of different ores, different crushers should be selected to achieve the purpose of crushing.

The main physical factors affecting the crushing operation in the crusher production process are:

1. The hardness of the ore; the hardness of the ore is expressed by the compressive strength of the ore or the hardness coefficient of the ore . In the process of beneficiation , the ore is divided into five grades based on this. Obviously, the harder the ore, the greater the compressive strength and the lower the productivity. On the contrary, productivity is high.

2, the humidity of the material; humidity itself has little effect on the crushing, but when the material contains a lot of mud and fine ore, the fine material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse particles due to the increase of humidity, thereby increasing the viscosity and reducing The rate of discharge is reduced, and the production capacity is reduced. When it is serious, it will cause blockage of the discharge port.

3. Density of ore; The production capacity of the crusher is directly proportional to the density of the ore. The same crusher has a high production capacity when crushing ore with high density. On the contrary, its production capacity is low.

4. The cleavage of ore; the degree of development of ore cleavage also directly affects the production capacity of the crusher. As the ore is broken, it is easy to rupture along the cleavage plane, so the ore with broken cleavage surface is produced, and the production of crusher equipment The capacity is much higher than the dense ore of the broken structure.

5. The particle size composition of the crushed material; when the content of coarse particles (greater than the size of the discharge port) in the crushed material is high and the ratio of the largest block of the ore to the ore is wide, the crushing ratio needs to be completed, so the production capacity is low. On the contrary, the production capacity is high.

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