Magnetic float level switch maintenance points

Magnetic float level switch maintenance points

Magnetic float level switch is a commonly used measuring instrument. It mainly aims at checking the liquid level in the industry. The magnetic float level switch has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, high accuracy and wide application range. Magnetic float level switch maintenance is indispensable during use, today Xiaobian to introduce the maintenance point of the magnetic float level switch, I hope to help everyone.

Magnetic float level switches can withstand higher pressures compared to glass rotameters. Magnetic float level switch with local indication, remote transmission, limit switch alarm, corrosion resistance, jacket type, damping type and explosion-proof and other varieties. It is widely used in the measurement and automatic control of liquid and gas flow in such sectors as defense, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, medicine, and light industry.

Magnetic float level switch maintenance points:

1. During the installation, no foreign matter such as iron filings or welding slag should enter the cylinder of the level gauge cylinder to avoid the dead floater. The level gauge must be installed vertically. (┴≤30°)

2. Shut-off valve should be installed between the level gauge and the container so as to close the liquid material during the maintenance and cleaning. No strong magnetic field is allowed around the level gauge to avoid affecting the normal work.

3. After the installation is complete, the column may be in the process of flowering, or during use, due to sudden changes in the liquid level or other reasons, the individual columns will not be turned over. In this case, the magnetic steel can be used for correction, so that the zero (liquid level) can be turned over. white.

4. When the liquid level meter is used, open the upper valve first, then slowly open the lower valve to prevent the magnetic float from rising rapidly and cause the column to turn over.

5, the use of the process should be regularly cleaned, remove the cylinder dirt impurities.

6, for more than 3.5 meters above the level gauge need to consider the increase of the middle reinforcement support ears to increase its strength and stability.

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