Development and Reform Commission: strict control of six industry price monopoly including telecommunications and pharmaceuticals

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the price supervision and inspection of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Anti-Monopoly Bureau revealed that the anti-price monopoly work in China has been continuously strengthened, and the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on the prices of aviation, daily chemical, automobile, telecommunications, medicine, home appliances and other six industries in the future. Monopolistic behavior.
Since the beginning of this year, the country’s anti-price monopoly has repeatedly fought hard and its social attention has been high. At the beginning of the year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a total of 353 million yuan in penalties for the prices of LCD panels used by internationally renowned six LCD panel companies. This is also the first monopoly of China's foreign enterprises for sanctions; in August, six domestic dairy manufacturers A total of 670 million yuan was punished for violating the Anti-Monopoly Law and restricting competition, which became the largest fine in the history of China's anti-monopoly.
According to Lu Yanchun, deputy inspector of the Price Supervision, Inspection and Anti-Monopoly Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission, the state attaches great importance to anti-price monopoly. At present, the anti-monopoly law enforcement system with the central and provincial levels as the core has basically been established and the “anti-monopoly law” has been formed. The Anti-Monopoly Regulations and the Anti-Price Monopoly Administrative Law Enforcement Procedures Regulations are the main anti-monopoly laws and regulations system, and anti-price monopoly work continues to increase.
According to Lu Yanchun, in recent years, price monopolies investigated by price supervision and inspection departments of the State and the province included cases in which a business operator or trade association reached a price monopoly agreement, as well as abuse of market dominance and abuse of administrative power to exclude or restrict competition. The types of enterprises involved include state-owned and private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and industry associations; cases involving aviation, books, paper, daily chemicals, automobiles, insurance, telecommunications, medicine, milk powder, LCD panels, alcohol, gold , sea sand, seeds and many other industries. Next, the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on aviation, daily chemical, automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, home appliances and other six major industries.

Big Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Big Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine applications

Vacuum forming machine is suitable for material like PVC, PE, PET, PC, PP, PS, HIPS, APET, PETG, etc. 

It can transform plastic sheets into various plastic Blisters / clamshells / Containers, It is widely used in toys, hardware, foods, stationery, cosmetic product, electronics products, etc.

Big automatic Vacuum Forming Machine features

1. High performance small motor drives heat furnace, fast and smooth.
2. Ceramic heating elements, control the temperature of each heating element separately, suitable for the product of complex structure.
3. The area of lower mould is closed, blowing after the material being heated and soft which can avoid material sinking, can insure the         uniform thickness of       finished good.
4. Lower mould is driven by big cylinder, rack positioning can insure running smoothly.
5. Large air cooling motor which can insure finished good rapid cooling.
6. Equipped with water cooling system, can further rapid cooling.
7. Double-furnace(optional), can heat the material on two surfaces, especially suitable for thick material(5-10mm). 

Big automatic vacuum forming machine parameters



Power supply

AC380 50/60HZ



Max. forming length


these size can be changed according to customer require

Max. forming width


Max. forming height


Material thickness




Machine size

2700*1400 *2000mm

Net weight


Big Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Big Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Big Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine,Big Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine,Automatic Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine,Thick Material Blister Vacuum Forming Machine

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