Guiyang Wharton desalination project received subsidies

The board of directors of the South Huitong Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on November 22 st that the company’s holding subsidiary, Guiyang Times Wharton Technology Co., Ltd. (“Guiyang Wharton”) recently received notification from the National Development and Reform Commission from Guiyang Wharton and the State Oceanic Administration Tianjin Water. The “Project on R&D and Industrialization of High-performance Polymer Water Treatment and Components” jointly filed by four organizations such as the Institute of Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization was listed in the National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Special Funds Program, which will receive 50 million yuan of state subsidy funds. yuan.
It is understood that Wharton, Guiyang is the lead construction unit for the project. The main content of this project is to establish a large-scale production line of reverse osmosis desalination membranes and nanofiltration membranes. South Huitong said that after the grant of government subsidies for Guiyang Wharton, the company will be included in profit or loss on a progressive basis in accordance with relevant accounting standards and project progress. The company will continue to monitor the progress of the matter and fulfill its obligation of information disclosure in a timely manner.

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