Geothermal heat pump development under policy binding

Geothermal heat pump development under policy binding

Recently, the joint press release issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has caused a sensation in the industry for subsidies for ground-source heat pump applications. This move has set the tone for ground-source heat pump promotion. The data shows that at present, the market share of ground source heat pumps is less than 7% in the domestic air-conditioning market. Local governments have granted incentives and subsidies for companies using ground-source pump and financial subsidies through financial subsidies, which has become the largest source of ground-source heat pump products in the market. driving force.

Ground-source heat pumps have risen for many years and many of them have government policy support. In recent years, obvious government subsidies for various local governments have gradually joined. In theory, the development of ground-source heat pumps should have entered the booming season. Why is it still so? Under the policy binding?

Causes of such phenomena, industry experts believe there are the following main points:

First of all, the initial investment cost of ground source heat pump is too high, and the initial promotion is difficult. Take an ordinary few hundred square meters villa, the installation of a ground source heat pump system is no less than 100,000, the same price to install home central air conditioning, indoor multi-line And so on, you can install 3-5 sets.

Secondly, China's ground-source heat pump industry itself is still not perfect in its standards and technical application specifications. There are many problems in the development and utilization of low-temperature geothermal resources in China. The first is the lack of a comprehensive national standard for geothermal heat pump products and their technical specifications. The two cannot be effectively unified. In addition, most of the domestic geothermal heat pump promoters are equipment manufacturers. In the provision of ground source heat pump equipment sets, it is not possible to provide an overall system design, resulting in energy saving of the generator set and energy saving of the system.

Finally, China lacks a scientific evaluation system for ground-source heat pump systems and a strict market access system. In addition, the management system for government incentive funds is not perfect, and the more vicious circles that create more rewards are not.

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