LED lighting entrepreneurs how to make strategic decisions

In the entire business process, money plays a witness to the company from small to strong, from weak to strong, it is a prop for the enterprise to achieve the target value of the enterprise. The role in the enterprise is just like the blood flowing in the human body. Only when blood flows continuously in the body, life can continue, but the life of a person is not for the purpose of hematopoiesis. It is only an indispensable part of our lives. We still have thoughts, as well as the goals and values ​​of life. The amount of blood is proportional to the weight of the human body, not as much as possible.
Speaking of money, here, it has two meanings.
First, in terms of enterprises, LED lighting enterprises must have liquidity and capital reserves to ensure the sound development of enterprises, and not because of insufficient funds. The fund includes two contents, one is the original investment of the enterprise, and the other is the profit that the enterprise itself creates and accumulates during the development process, just like the hematopoietic function that we humans have, rather than blindly injecting the outside world. funds.
Second, as an entrepreneur, we must pass the money. We can't take money as the sole goal of personal pursuit. In this respect, Fan Wei, who is later referred to as Shang Sheng, has set a good example for us. Fan Yi has three migrations in his life. Every migration is because he has accumulated a lot of wealth in the local area. The rich side has reached the peak of his life. He understands that the things must be reversed. In order to eliminate the disaster after the success, Fan Yiyi’s wealth is good, and good and good. Before the second migration, all the 10 million families that have accumulated will be donated. Fan Wei moved three times, and the more he was in the Fan, the Qi in the Qi, the Wu Gong Tao Zhu Gong. The historian Sima Qian said: Fan Yisan has a reputation. The world's reputation: loyalty to the country; wisdom to protect the body; business to get rich, become famous in the world. If our entrepreneurs can get through the money, and they can get back and forth, and they can do more and less, then not only can our company be stronger and bigger, but LED lighting entrepreneurs will also be famous for their success. .
When we understand the relationship between money and business and individuals, how can we deal with the relationship between the company and the bank, we can treat and grasp it correctly. In fact, for a healthy LED lighting company, there is no need to pay for the goods. Just as a healthy person does not need blood transfusion, the enterprise should naturally operate the LED lighting enterprise according to the size of the operator's ability. The size is proportional to the strength of the company. It’s like a person can only be a good village head, and he has to let him go to be the county magistrate, let a county magistrate suddenly go to be the governor. Maybe he is comfortable in his original position, but beyond his ability. He may not do well. In fact, the same is true for a company. It must be based on its own comprehensive ability to do business according to its own rules. In this way, the vitality of the enterprise will be strong. Although the LED lighting enterprise is not necessarily large, it must be strong. This makes us feel very relaxed when we operate. But unfortunately, many people don't understand this truth, and no matter how much they have the ability, they try their best to drill the camp, unilaterally emphasize the high, the big, the upper, but they don't know, and they will not be able to go beyond their own capabilities. The same is true for companies. The LED lighting companies are not as big as possible. It is better to match the comprehensive capabilities of the LED lighting companies.
For LED lighting companies, banks are like a blood bank. A truly healthy LED lighting company does not need blood transfusion. If an LED lighting company does not have immunity and hematopoiesis, it is useless even if it is constantly given blood transfusion. It will only accelerate the death of LED lighting companies. In addition, banks are not free institutions. If an LED lighting company relies on blood transfusion, the company will face difficulties once the bank stops blood transfusion. It is not surprising that the so-called Cheng Xiaohe is defeated by Xiao He.

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