Five Tips for Troubleshooting Special Vehicles

Five Tips for Troubleshooting Special Vehicles

Special-purpose vehicles are prone to failure due to their poor working environment for a long time. How to troubleshoot effectively, let's take a look at the experts of Hubei Xiagong Power Group:
Fault 1: Brake is not working and braking is slow. This kind of failure is mainly caused by the reasons such as the brake shoe friction plate and the brake drum gap is too large, the air chamber is damaged, the air system leaks or emergency relay valve failure and other reasons, under normal circumstances, the right medicine, to adjust

Fault II: Tire swing during driving. Tire swings are generally caused by the fact that the nuts are not tightened after the tires are installed, the axle bearings are sintered, bent, and the clearance is too large. We only need to tighten the nuts that loosen the wheels. It is important to note that when tightening the nuts, To gradually tighten each nut cycle, avoid a nut one-off tightly in the end, if the bearing is a problem, then it is necessary to modify the situation, replace the bearing lubricants, adjust the axis of the axle and the frame center line perpendicularity, serious Only replace the bearing.

Fault 3: Shake the handle too much. If this phenomenon is new, it may be caused by the lack of lubricants, which can only be solved by replacing new lubricants. Another condition may be caused by eccentricity or wear of gears. If the parts are disassembled and checked, they can be solved. If the above method is not correct, then the situation is a bit complicated, it is likely that the bearing damage or screw thread damage caused by the need to replace the bearing or screw to resolve.

Brake shoe friction plate and brake drum clearance, change the air chamber, check the leak location, repair or replace parts or replace the emergency relay valve can be eliminated, so that the car to restore a good operating condition.
Fault 4: The brake cannot be released or released slowly. This type of failure is generally caused by low system pressure, inability to restore the brake spring, damage to the brake spring, blockage of the pipe, poor operation of the emergency relay valve or quick release valve, or improper travel of the brake cylinder stroke. The driver's friend only needs to calm down, carefully touch the row, correspondingly increase the pressure of the air brake system to the specified value, replace the spring, replace the relay valve or quick release valve or re-adjust the stroke of the brake air chamber to eliminate the fault. Now.

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