China's tires are expected to be labeled with electronic tags

“The RFID RFID tag standard for tires was started in 2010. In 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally initiated the project. At present, we have conducted in-depth discussions with other participating drafting agencies in the industry and formed a discussion draft for the four standards. We expect to form an official standard in 2015. On June 5, 2014, the reporter interviewed Dong Lanfei, deputy chief engineer of the information logistics system division of the Soft Control Co., Ltd., on the news that Soft Control Co., Ltd. will draft four standards for radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic labels for tires. This told reporters.

It is understood that the drafted industry standards are divided into four aspects, namely RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag implantation methods, tire radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag test Methods and tires use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) electronic tag encoding, which will regulate the application of RFID technology in tires from different aspects.

In recent years, as people pay attention to driving safety, tires are one of the safety components of automobiles. The quality problems in the production process and the real-time conditions in the process of use have also received increasing attention. “This is a direction for the future development of tires. The installation of RFID tags can not only trace the tire production process and quality, but also monitor the dynamic information of the tires with the car network in the future will be very helpful for traffic safety.” Chairman of Shandong Rubber Industry Association Zhang Hongmin affirmed the technology.

Standard lead technical application specification

RFID tag, or radio frequency identification technology, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals. It is reported that tires use RFID tags to assign specific identification numbers to tires, and can track the production, sales, use, and refurbishment of tires. The RFID electronic label implanted in the tire is equivalent to the “electronic ID card” of the tire. The external reading and writing device automatically collects data through wireless means. It will be used in the aspects of storage and logistics of the tires, claims for the three guarantees, anti-counterfeiting, and later use, renovation, etc. Play a huge role.

In this year's national "two sessions", Yuan Zhongxue, deputy to the National People's Congress, senior vice president of the China Rubber Industry Association and deputy director of the National Rubber and Tyre Engineering Technology Research Center, proposed a special proposal to force the use of RFID tags on tires to establish a unified Tire information platform. The international tire giant Michelin has also stated that tire RFID with embedded technology is reliable, which will help improve the tracking of tire usage throughout the entire life cycle of the tire. However, to accelerate the promotion of this technology, the key factor is to adopt a worldwide scope. Common standards within.

Dong Lanfei told reporters that given that tires are safe products, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the tires after chip implantation are safe; on the other hand, it is also necessary to ensure the performance and reliability of the implanted chips themselves. At present, there are no relevant standards in the international arena. The software control unites the Beijing Rubber Industry Research Institute, the China Electronics Standardization Institute and other research institutions, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone and other international tire companies, as well as the triangle and the racing wheel. , Delicatessen, Zhongce Rubber, Guilun, Jiatong and other domestic companies jointly promote the development of standards. The goal is to promote the standard application of tire RFID RFID technology in the tire industry with standards, and follow-up will also promote the development of international standards. .

In the interview, Zhang Hongmin said that RFID RFID tag technology for tires is likely to become a new technical barrier for tires in the future. At the same time, the reporter also learned that there are already countries that have to develop mandatory standards for RFID electronic labels for tires. Therefore, it is necessary for China to establish relevant standards in this area at the moment, which will help tire companies prepare in advance to meet the challenges of new technologies in the future.

The prospects can be extended but the promotion of "long way to go"

Dong Lanfei said that although companies at home and abroad are using RFID tag technology, due to lack of standards, there is no scale in application. "We have done a very good job in experimenting across the country. We hope that after the standard is formed, we can play a role in promoting the standardized use of the product. We are still very optimistic about the future application prospects." Dong Lanfei said. Relevant experts believe that smart tires using RFID electronic tag technology will play a major role in the field of car networking in the future as part of the car. Through networking with automobiles, real-time monitoring and collection of tires such as temperature, pressure, and other data information will not only help drivers accurately understand the dynamic information of the tires, but also provide security for driving safety.

According to Chen Hong, who is currently in the Institute of Meridians at Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd., the domestic RFID electronic tags are mainly used in all-steel tires, and are rarely used on semi-steel tires. At present, many tire companies are interested in the application of tire logistics technology, because the new tire factory has very high requirements for logistics information. Using RFID technology can better track various information in the production process.

During the interview, everyone recognized the tire RFID RFID tag technology, but there are doubts about its future market promotion. A person in charge of Toyo Tire (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. believes that although RFID tag technology is an advanced technology, there is a problem in the promotion process because the end consumer will pay attention to the production information of tires and to them. How can it help increase the profitability of tire companies? Chen Hong also has doubts about the value of RFID tags for tire companies and consumers. At the same time, he also stated that the conditions for domestic promotion of the technology are not yet mature, and the enthusiasm of all parties is not very high.

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