The first domestic ship with a lift cab has a "short" bridge.

In the past, when the ship encountered a bridge with insufficient net height, the doors and windows and the top cover of the cab were removed, and the boatmen bent over to drive the ship. Now, by pressing the electric button, the entire cab can be lowered and wait for the ship to cross the bridge. After that, it can be easily raised. On April 16th, it was learned from the Huzhou Port Authority that the first ship with a lift cab in China was launched at the Huzhou Xingda Shipyard.

There are many bridges in Jiangnan Water Town, and there are nearly 10,000 bridges in Huzhou. Some village tributary channels and river channel bridges have a net height, especially during floods, where the distance between the bridge and the water surface is smaller. In order to reduce capital investment in bridge construction, some bridges and footbridges on the tributary channel have reduced the bridge deck height, mainly in some tributary channels in Shanghai, Sunan and Hangjiahu areas, especially the navigation heights of the navigation bridges in Shaoxing and Xiaoshan. Low, generally below 4 meters, and ships over 300 tons are more than 4 meters high, it is a bit difficult for ships to cross the bridge.

With the rapid development of water transport, the ship has a large tonnage and deep water intake. Some factories, mines, enterprises and docks are built along the township tributary channel and the urban river channel. After the heavy cargo filled with cargo enters the port for unloading, the bow is upturned and driven. The room is the highest part of the whole ship. Once the net high and low bridge is encountered and the ship is stopped, the boat people have to remove the cab or inject a lot of river water into the cargo compartment to reduce the height of the hull. This situation is often encountered when a main airway is blocked and an empty ship bypasses the tributary route.

A shipowner named Shen said that he shipped 300 tons of stone from Huzhou to the unloading dock at Zhili Town. A tributary channel in the Zhili section of Huzhou, Changhu Shenxian is the only way to go. Every time an empty ship returns, it takes a long time. Dismantling and installing the cab, but also filling the cabin with water, is very annoying, sometimes encounters wind and snow, the ship driving operation is really inconvenient, but also brings certain security risks.

Technological innovation has solved this problem.

At Huzhou Xingda Shipyard, a newly-built standardized cargo ship was launched, and the owner Jiang Rong drove the ship while tapping the electric button. In just 5 seconds, the entire cab was “shrinked” to almost the same level as the deck, and did not affect driving. operating. Jiang Shipowner told the author that at the end of last year, he learned that the shipyard could build such a ship with a lift cab. He immediately invested in the construction of the 500-ton cargo ship, thus eliminating the need to remove the cab.

Shen Hongfa, director of the Huzhou Shipbuilding Industry Association and head of the shipyard, said that this technology was developed by technicians themselves. In order to reduce shipbuilding costs and save resources, they used the two hydraulic pumps of the ship's steering rudder to push the cab up or down. The up and down free movement is 0.8 meters, and this technological innovation saves nearly 10,000 yuan. According to reports, this is also the first shipyard in China to build a lift cab, and the current technology is used in nine 500-ton standardized ships under construction. This innovation has attracted Anhui and Jiangsu boat people, and shipbuilding orders have been scheduled for August this year.

Can this new technology be applied to ships that are already operating? According to the ship inspection personnel of the Huzhou Port and Shipping Administration, there are nearly 6,000 ships in the Huzhou navigation area. If the ship's cab is converted into a lift type, each ship will cost more than 10,000 yuan.

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