Shanghai Pudong ground source heat pump series research project has achieved remarkable results

Rainwater reuse, as the airport flushing and greening water; peak shifting valley, the use of water storage air conditioning to save air-conditioning running costs ... ... Planned in 2007 completed the second phase of the Pudong International Airport, the application of a series of energy-saving technologies, after the completion of The annual cost per cubic meter of energy consumption, it is estimated lower than similar US airports. Industrial Park boiler room network operation, central heating, so that energy cascade recycling ...... Last year, the project "Zhangjiang Park energy-saving key technology research," with immediate results. The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, a set of the city's energy-saving emission reduction technology implementation action plan, has completed the first draft.

Coal-fired units to improve energy efficiency When the coal-fired generating units in the ultra-high temperature and high pressure environment can still generate electricity efficiently, coal can save more than 20%. City Science and Technology Commission this year, "Efficient ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation technology research," designed to design a variety of domestic coal for the ultra-supercritical generating sets of products to replace imported products, substantially improve the city's coal-fired units energy efficiency.

According to China's energy structure, coal still accounts for "bulk" for a long time, so the energy-saving emission reduction of coal-fired boilers is a "big article." Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd. 300 MW coal-fired units, the use of Municipal Science and Technology Commission in 2005 jointly organized by the "intelligent composite air-section low NOx combustion technology," more than half a year to cut by about 40% Nitrogen oxide emissions. This result has been accepted by experts and is expected to reduce emissions of 90,000 tons of nitrogen oxides a year after the promotion.

Ecological building demonstration effect

The award-winning Xinzhuang Eco-Building Demonstration Building in China has not only received countless visitors and entertainers over the past few years, becoming the vanguard of energy-saving science popularization, but also popularized the application of its technical achievements to more than 1 million square meters of buildings, Driven a new energy-saving wall, energy-saving windows and doors, new materials, 30 related industries. It is estimated that the market potential in Shanghai alone will reach 16.4 billion yuan. According to the plan, Chongming Chen Town and Expo Park will also have two ecological buildings demonstration building.

Demonstration building more "affinity", is a resource-saving residential model building. Researchers in this Municipality have developed a large number of practical technologies for building energy efficiency and have achieved good demonstration effect in Vanke Long Run Park, Wanzhao Bilin Bay Court, Anting Xinzhen, Xianghe Xingyu Community, accumulating energy-saving buildings About 70 million square meters.

Traffic energy conservation step by step

Speaking of energy saving, Shanghai last year also out of a "traffic star" - Super capacitor car 11 bus commercialization demonstration operation line. The latest "report card" came out: As of March this year, 10 super-capacitor bus buses have been running a total of 158,000 km, carrying 884,000 passengers per 100 km revenue increased 70% over ordinary trains, energy consumption is only about 100 kWh / Hundred kilometers. At present, relevant departments are "selecting sites" for the new demonstration route, and researchers are beginning to tackle the bigger technical problem: how to save the electricity and let it run enough at night to run enough electricity during the day.

Closer to the common people is a series of integrated technologies that make rail transit more energy-efficient. Recovery of brake energy released when the train brakes to improve air-conditioning, heat extraction and ventilation systems at metro stations, the sun control, ground source heat pump and other new technologies used in vehicle base ... ... It is estimated that comprehensive application of rail transit energy saving technology, the new Rail transit lines can reduce energy consumption by 10%.
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