China's first self-owned brand V6 engine was born in Nanjing

After a year of design and development by dozens of Chinese and foreign engine experts from Nanjing Automobile MG (MG), British LOTUS and former MG Rover, the "Neptune Power" NV62.5L all-aluminum engine was launched at the Pukou production base in Nanjing. The test was successful and all indicators were at the leading level of the domestic V6 engine. The birth of NV6 completely broke the history of China's independent brands unable to manufacture V6 engines, enabling Chinese auto companies to achieve breakthroughs in high-performance, high-power car engines, and will be active for Chinese auto companies to break through core technical barriers and enhance their own brand image. The role.

The V6 engine is a high-power gasoline engine commonly used in medium and high-end automobiles. Only a few joint ventures can be produced in China, and the core technology is firmly controlled by foreign parties. The NV6 engine is an engine designed and manufactured by Nanqi Mingjue through independent digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. Through the acquisition of British MG Rover and Powertrain, Nanqi has gained the foundation for crossing the core technology threshold of automobiles. With the research and development advantages of British cars, Nanqi Mingju hired experts from the core team of the former MG Rover Engine Company and the British LOTUS engine engineers to form a resident expert group of more than 30 people. Together with Chinese experts, they formed an engine R&D team covering R&D, design, calibration and testing. The team boldly innovated and adopted advanced technologies such as wet cylinder liners on the NV6 engine series to form a series of products and achieve a high localization rate of engine production. British LOTUS engine experts commented: "Only if the engine technology is completely digested and understood, it is possible to carry out localized production. The Nanqi MG has done this in a short period of time."

The NV62.5L engine weighs only 154kg and has better fuel economy with a maximum power of 190 hp. NV6 products are strictly tested by the VEC Testing Center of Nanjing Automobile, and their engine testing standards are in line with world standards. After undergoing a very demanding 200-hour full load test and a 500-hour variable power test, the reliability of the NV6 engine proved to exceed the original MG Rover test standard and meet Euro IV emission standards.

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