Gudao Factory successfully developed sand control card type pump

The Gudao Oil Refinery improved the “anti-sand card-type pumping pump” after molding. After the use of the inclined 507 well, not only the maintenance-free period was extended, but also the pump efficiency was increased by 12.1% and the daily oil increased by 1.2 tons. The pump shows the superiority of the influence of the falling object and the gravel while keeping the moving liquid surface substantially unchanged.

Gudao Oilfield is a typical loose sandstone heavy oil reservoir with a buried depth of 1,120 to 1,350 meters. The formation is loosely cemented and the sand is severe. Among the 1980 oil wells currently produced in the plant, 1,465 oil wells were produced, accounting for 74% of the total number of wells. The frequency of operation of the easy-to-sand oil wells is high, and the maintenance-free period is short, which seriously affects the crude oil production and cost control of the oil production plant. In response to this problem, the QC team of the machine tooling room of the plant decided to carry out the research on the goal of extending the maintenance-free period of the easy-to-sand oil well.

Since the test began in April 2005, the sand control card type pump has been applied to 10 wells on site. After the measure, the average daily oil increased by 0.55 tons, the pump efficiency increased by 14.3%, and the maintenance period was extended to 345 days. The oil was 1960 tons and saw obvious results.

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