Gas Detector Troubleshooting

First, improper use of users;

During the use of gas detectors by gas alarm users, air conditioners and heating equipment are installed close to flammable gas detectors. When air conditioners and heating equipment are used, if cold and warm air are directly blown through the body alarm, there are It may cause the error of the change of the resistivity of the platinum alarm wire of the body alarm. Therefore, the body alarm should be far away from the air conditioning and heating equipment to avoid faults caused by improper installation positions. Users should also pay attention to electromagnetic interference during the use of flammable gas detectors. The installation position, installation angle, protective measures and system wiring of the body alarm should be protected against electromagnetic interference. When using flammable gas detectors, users should pay attention to factors that may cause malfunctions, such as dust, high temperature, humidity, and rain. When an exhaust fan is installed in a field where a combustible gas alarm is installed, if the exhaust fan is disposed adjacent to the flammable gas detector, the leaked body will not be able to fully diffuse into the vicinity of the body alarm, resulting in the inability to detect it in time. Yi Yi fighter. Users should also take precautions to avoid high temperature, high humidity, steam and fumes when using flammable gas detectors. Do not place objects or hang objects on the detector. The installed flammable gas detector cannot move the device anywhere. The user uses a body alarm as much as possible to select the sensor probe replaceable product for ease of use.

Second, the construction process is not standardized;

Non-standard construction procedures can cause flammable gas detectors to detect failures during use. If the flammable gas detector is not located in the vicinity of the device that is prone to leakage, or is installed adjacent to the exhaust fan during installation, the leaked body cannot fully diffuse into the vicinity of the flammable gas detector, so that the risk of leakage cannot be ignited in time. Gas detector detection. If the flammable gas detector is not grounded reliably, electromagnetic interference cannot be eliminated, which will affect the voltage and cause faults with inaccurate detection data. Therefore, the flammable gas detector should be reliably grounded during construction. Flammable gas alarms and wiring terminals are set up to be vulnerable to collisions or ingress of water, resulting in open circuit or short circuit of electrical appliances. Welding must be done with non-corrosive fluxes, otherwise joints will erode off or increase line resistance, affecting normal detection. Do not drop or drop the detector on the ground. After the completion of construction, commissioning should be carried out to ensure that the body alarm is in normal working condition.

Thirdly, to maintain and detect body concentrations, it is necessary to make the detector communicate with the detection environment. Therefore, it is unavoidable that various pollutant gases and accumulated dust in the environment enter the detector. The damage of working conditions is objective. The working environment of flammable gas detectors is rather harsh. Many of them are installed outdoors. Poor maintenance will lead to errors or non-detection of detectable alarms. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of flammable gas detectors is an important task to prevent malfunctions.

Grounding should be regularly tested. Grounding cannot meet standard requirements or is not grounded at all. This can also make flammable gas detectors susceptible to electromagnetic interference and cause failures.

It is recommended to respond to the instrument's standard gas before using it in various types of instruments to ensure that the instrument is truly protective. Combustible gas alarms and toxic gas alarms, like other analytical detection instruments, are measured using a comparative method: the instrument is first calibrated with a zero gas and a standard concentration of gas, and the calibration curve is stored in In the instrument, when measuring, the instrument compares the electrical signal generated by the concentration of the gas to be measured with the electrical signal of the standard concentration to calculate the accurate gas concentration value. Therefore, zero calibration of the instrument at any time, and regular calibration of the instrument is an indispensable task to ensure accurate measurement of the instrument.

Bright Steel Bar


Bright steel bar is carbon or alloy steel bar with shining bright surface which is improved by cold drawing, peeling, turning, grinding and polishing over hot rolled black surface bars. By cold drawing, the steel bar yield strength and tensile strength will be improved. By peeling and turning, the surface imperfections will be removed. By grinding, the diameter tolerance will be more precision. By polishing, the surface will be much more shining.

peeled steel bar processing

Except the shining bright surface, comparing with the hot rolled black surface bars, the bright steel bars has better surface roughness, better roundness, straightness, more precision size tolerance etc.

Heat treatment such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering will be done before do cold finishing on the hot rolled bar to get bright steel bar, in such condition, the steel bright bar will get most suitable mechanical properties to meet different application requirement.

The advantages of steel bright bars we supply:

1) Big stocks of hot rolled round bars or wire rods as raw materials

2) Heat treating furnaces to adjust the mechanical properties

3) Full sets of testing equipment to test the sizes, mechanical properties and microstructure.

4) Multiple packages to avoid broken packages and anti-rusty

Diameter tolerance




Surface roughness



80% of diameter tolerance

Diameter range

14mm to 100mm

Steel grade

Kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel


Any length can be cut with precision tolerance

Bright Flat Bar,Bright Steel Bar,C45 Steel Round Bar,Bright Steel Round Bar