Analysis on the Change of Downstream Valve Industry's Downstream Distribution Model

At present, there are two trends in the downstream sales of the valve globe valve industry. One is from the city to the countryside, and the other is from the store to the electricity supplier. If the former is only an extension of space, the latter may be a change in the downstream distribution model. Because the e-commerce platform will break through not only geographical constraints, but also because of its wealth of information and functions - for example, some sites launch "quick purchase", and some provide "offline exact matching" services - Will directly increase the speed and accuracy of product sales.

Upstream basic raw materials, this year's steel market in China was in an uptrend stage. Since mid-May, the market gradually became cold. The industry's generally optimistic view of the “Golden 9 Silver 10” did not inject the strong steel market as strongly as expected. vitality. In mid-November, the steel market rebounded due to an increase in the price of imported iron ore. However, with the expansion of the European debt crisis and the close of the year, the steel market that has recovered in the short-term has once again oscillated. As the steel market is cold at this stage, it is good news for the valve industry or for profit. However, due to the current market turnover in the steel market, market mentality gradually weakened, and the future market outlook is not clear, difficult to grasp, steel traders are expected to be in the future The wait-and-see status will continue to be maintained during the period of time, leading to a decline in stocks in the steel market, or pressure on the purchase of raw materials for the valve industry in the next year.

In the downstream part, in terms of application prospects, with the continuous improvement of China's housing security system, the intensity of urban housing construction will continue to increase, and a large number of economically affordable housing, low-rent housing, limited-price housing, and public rental housing will start one after another. With the construction, the demand for urban housing valves will increase. In addition, the pace of urbanization in China has intensified, rural urbanization has gradually become the focus of social attention, for the valve industry, the expansion of the downstream terminal market will undoubtedly drive the sales of related valve products. At the same time, this year is the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. The state has invested in key areas such as chemical engineering, thermal power, and natural gas to indirectly stimulate the development of the valve and valve industry. It can be seen that the downstream of the valve industry will face many favorable factors in the future.

Load Moment Indicator

A load moment indicator is an instrument used in determining whether a certain load could be carried by the Tower Crane or not. When the operator runs the tower crane, load moment indicator could show the comprehensive working condition of the tower crane, which help him run the tower crane safe and effective.

Models of load moment indicator: RC-A5-I load moment indicator, RC-A5-I Tower Crane Load Moment Indicator, Load Moment Indicator CXT30.

When more than one set of tower crane work at the same time, Tower Crane Anti-collision Safety System will be required. A multi-function Safety System for Tower Crane integrated load moment indicator with anti-collision & zone protection system and remote online monitoring system. It indicates real time working states of tower crane and tower crane group both in operator cabin and online. In the meantime it combines functions including black box, anti-collision & zone protection.The system is applicable to various types of level-jib and luffing tower cranes. It adopted the most advanced ARM embedded intelligent microprocessor technology, high precision digital azimuth sensor, weighing sensor, angle sensor.which greatly enhanced data processing capability with higher precision and higher stability.

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