Two large mills successfully delivered in CIMC Heavy Industries Jiama project

Recently, the China Gold Group's Tibet Huatailong project, independently designed and manufactured by CITIC Heavy Industries Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiama Phase II, 10.37 x 5.19 m semi-autogenous mill and 7.32 x 12.5 m ball mill were successfully tested and delivered to customers. These two large-scale grinding machines are not only one of the core equipments for the second phase of the Jiama project in Tibet, but also represent a masterpiece of large-scale equipment in China's mining industry.
CITIC Heavy Industries held a grand trial delivery ceremony in the Heavy Machining Department. Ren Xinxin, Chairman of CITIC Heavy Industries, and Sun Lianzhong, Deputy General Manager of China National Gold Group attended the trial delivery ceremony.
Assistants to the general manager of CITIC Heavy Industries, Director of the Quality Assurance Department Ma Yan, and Teng Yongqing, general manager of Tibet Huatailong Co., Ltd. jointly signed the commissioning acceptance report of the plant. The joint inspection of the acceptance team formed by China National Gold Group and CITIC Heavy Industries confirmed that the test data of the main items of the two mills are in line with the requirements of the commissioning program, fully meeting the design specifications of the drawings and being qualified for joint acceptance.
The second phase of the Jiama copper polymetallic ore mine in Tibet is expected to have a total investment of 5 billion yuan, and is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. After the completion of the project, the Jiama Mine will handle 12.6 million tons of ore annually and the annual sales revenue will reach 4 billion yuan. It will become the first world-class mining area in Tibet and will be of great significance to the economic and social development of Tibet.
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