"Hard seat treasure" online hot hard seat one second sleeper

"hard seat treasure" online hot hard seat one second change sleeper As the Spring Festival approached, it was inevitable that the people who were bent on the arrows would be squashed on the train. However, this year's online product called "Hard Block Po" makes people who often take the train very happy. This object was called "Spring Festival Artifact" by netizens and sales volume skyrocketed.

As can be seen from the pictures circulating on the Internet, there is a square cushion on the top and side of the front seat of the “Hard Block Po”. The cushion under it is used to hold it against the chest, and the cushion above is used to hold the head so that it can sit in the seat. As long as the person is leaning forward, he can use it to fall asleep easily. For many travelers who have experienced painful long-distance hard seats, "Hard Block Po" solves the sleeping problem.

Yesterday, the reporter searched for “hard seat treasures” in the online shopping mall. There were dozens of sellers selling them, and the price was between 120 and 150 yuan. From the transaction record of the merchant, on January 6, 2013, transaction records began to increase. On January 12th, the seller changed the product name "Hard Stand Sleeping Stand" to "Hard Block Po" and sold more than 30 in only 3 days.

In addition to the “Hard seat pouch”, the cotton products named “Breath of Birds” are also selling on the Internet. It can be set on the head, leaving only the nose and mouth to breathe, there is protection from light, noise, increase comfort and so on, priced at 60 yuan.

There is also an artifact named "Training Sleeping Po", which consists of a neck pillow and a fixed strap. The traveler can fix it on the train seat and then pass through his head to adjust to his position and angle. The seller's picture shows that after wearing the "Training Sleeping Poon," it looks very ridiculous, and Shu is uncomfortable only personally.

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