Swiss Movage Shark Reconnaissance Vehicle

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Structural Features The Mogaku Shark Reconnaissance Vehicle body is a fully welded steel structure that can prevent the Soviet 14.5mm КПВ armor-piercing projectile.
The driver is located on the left side of the front of the vehicle. There is a left-open hatch cover. There are three periscopes on the front side of the cover. One of them can be replaced with a dimming periscope at night. He can arrange 1 occupant on the right side and can also install 3 defenses or increase ammunition.
The center of the battle chamber can be equipped with various turrets and weapons like the FL-20.
The power cabin and the fuel tank are in the rear of the car. There is a near hatch on the top and 1 intake pipe on each side. Exhaust pipes are arranged at the rear of the car body.
The front and rear axle steering devices are power assisted. The vertical travel allowed by the suspension is 420mm.
Optional equipment includes a variety of three defense devices, passive night vision equipment and fire fighting equipment. [1]

The modified vehicle Mogaku Shark Reconnaissance Vehicle can be equipped with a variety of different weapons and equipment. Including a single turret-like vehicle equipped with a 30-millimeter antiaircraft Wildcat (Widcat); a reconnaissance vehicle equipped with a French ground-to-air missile; and a test vehicle equipped with a 40-mm Bofors Trinity AirDefence System. . [1]

Performance data crew: 3 (or 4) people
Drive type: 8×8
Full combat weight: 22000kg
Net weight: 16000kg
Unit power: 17.0kW/t
Captain: 7.520m
Car width: 3.000m
Body height: 1.900m
FireWire Height (105mm): 2.160m
The distance between the bottom and the ground: 0.460m
Track: 2.620m
Wheelbase: 1.510+1.400+1.490(m)
Closer angle: 40°
Departure angle: 45°
Highway maximum speed: 100km/h
Fuel reserve: 400L
Highway trip: 500km
Water depth: 1.3m
Climbing degree: 60%
Rolling slope: 35%
Vertical wall height: 0.46m
The width is more than 2.3m
Turning radius: 12.5m
Production company: Detroit Diesel Division
Type: turbo booster diesel
Power/rotation speed: 390kW/2500r/min
Model: Alison HT7500RD
Type: 5-speed automatic transmission
Forward/Reverse: 5/1
Tire size: 13×20 (Flooding guarantee)
Suspension device
Types of
First and fourth shaft coil springs with forked rods
Second and third axis torsion bars
Hydraulic shock absorbers on all wheels
Main brake: Double-line hydraulic, air assist
Parking brake spring-loaded, brake cylinder
Electrical system voltage: 24V[1]

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