Sinopec Singapore's lubricants project will be completed soon

On January 28, 2013, Sinopec Singapore's 80,000-ton/year lube oil tank project contracted by Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. completed paint insulation and was formally put into operation before the Spring Festival.

There are 34 tank storage tanks in Singapore's lubricants project, of which the largest diameter is 8.21 meters and the smallest diameter is 3.93 meters. On January 29, the owner began to carry out internal cleaning of the base tank, and production preparation has entered a substantive stage. It is reported that 10 base oil tanks will be cleaned before the Spring Festival in 2013, and the first batch of production base oil will be introduced on February 10.

Double Side Pig Feeder

Feature of double side pig feeder:

1.The double side pig feeder have adjustable height of feeding platform, guarantee the pig to eat the fresh feed.

2.The double side pig feeder Improve the feed conversion rate, reduce the waste of feed by the pig trough.

3.304 stainless steel material for pig trough, thickness of 1.2 mm, the overall of double side pig feeder is welding, firm structure and reliablle.

4.Reversible and washable stainless steel double side pig feeder is applied in crate to provide clean, safe feeding place for pig.

5.Convenient and flexible to fixed installation,can be extended trough volume.

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