Summer car maintenance knowledge

The most common travel tool now is a car, but the car is also the most vulnerable in the summer. The biggest hidden danger and danger is a puncture. Because in the summer when the outdoor temperature is too high, the local temperature reaches a certain temperature, when the tire is heated and the tire is overused, the possibility of a puncture is very high; if the temperature is too high, the brakes are also likely to fail; the sun will erode the paint on the car. The temperature is too high, the car is easy and natural; these are dangerous cars in summer, so we will talk about how to carry out summer car maintenance today.


Car cleaning is the primary

Under the premise that the windows are opened, the outside dust will enter the vehicle. Therefore, to clean the interior of the vehicle, the dashboard is usually cleaned with a brush and detergent. After cleaning, apply protective agent on the instrument panel. Deodorization and killing of bacteria must also be carried out with specialized bactericides.

Bare body to be waxed

After prolonged basking at severely high temperatures, the car's lacquer will have large and small damages. Waxing on a regular basis will give the car a layer of protective clothing.

Dehumidify and waterproof

There are many thunderstorms in the summer, and the weather will be wet. Check and replace the wipers quickly. The ability of the damaged wipers to sweep water will be reduced. Driving in the rain will be difficult, the vision will be blurred, and the traffic hazard will be high.

Prevent car self-ignition

If the driver does not operate correctly or if the car itself is hidden or dangerous, the car is liable to spontaneous combustion at high temperatures. Check the car tank circuit circuit when driving, if the line is aging should be found even if it is found, and quickly repair to prevent the car from spontaneous combustion, to bring their own property damage.

Do not cover the car outside the car on rainy days

When there is wind and rain, there will be gravel sand. The inside of the garment will be repeatedly rubbed against the paint on the car, causing scratches on the car and damaging the body. After raining, flush the car directly with clean water to prevent scratches on the paint on the car. Carry out waxing to prevent corrosion of the car caused by rain and protect the car.

It is a good method that we hand over to you for summer car maintenance. Finally, adjust the air pressure on the tires to prevent it from puncturing due to high temperatures and endanger the owners. Even if adding coolant, reduce the engine heat. Check the oil filter regularly. Make adequate preparations.

Cutting Machinery

CNC flame / plasma / laser cutting machine is a computer control, precision mechanical transmission technology combined with high efficiency, high precision, high reliability of the thermal cutting equipment, it applies to shipbuilding, boilers, electromechanical vehicles, steel, In the petrochemical industry, coal, port machinery, military and other manufacturing industries high-precision steel plate hot cutting of new automation equipment. The machine consists of host, rail parts, gas system, electrical control, machine foundation and other components, the use of bilateral cargo side of the door-driven structure.

GJ3015 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC fiber laser cutting manchine is cutting-table structure designed machine with dual drive, effctive cutting range is from 1500mm to 6000mm. High-precision longitudinal and transverse linear rails drive high-precision helical gear and rack and it is available in speed up to 8000mm/min. Accelerated speed is 1G. Exchanging work tables are optional that optimize cutting productivity.

Technical specifications

Effective cutting length: 3000mm

Effective cutting width: 1500mm

Max. speed: 10000mm/min(returning speed)

CNC system: FSCUT

Laser generator: RFL-1000(Domestic sharp branch)

Smoke purification device: CCQ-9000(Wuxi Hulian)

Cutting torch: 1group( Cyplite )

Torch THC: BCS100,elevating distance≥100mm

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