Moisture Analyzer Maintenance Notice

Moisture Analyzer Maintenance Notice Laboratory Instrumentation Moisture Analyzer Maintenance and Maintenance I. Instrumentation Moisture Analyzer Installation and Location:

1. The instrument must not be installed in a room with corrosive gas. Corrosion of the circuit of the instrument will shorten the life of the instrument.

2. Where the room temperature is below 5 degrees or above 40 degrees.

3, can not be installed in places with high sunlight and humidity.

4. Do not install in places where the power supply is unstable. It is recommended to use an electronic voltage regulator.

Second, the electrode maintenance:

1. When the measuring electrode is contaminated, wipe it with acetone or absolute ethanol. If it still cannot be decontaminated, use an alcohol lamp to burn the platinum ball end.

2. When the electrolytic electrode is contaminated, acetone or anhydrous ethanol can be injected into the cathode chamber and shaken repeatedly to remove internal dirt.

Third, instrumentation moisture analyzer electrolytic cell drying:

The electrolytic cell was decomposed, placed in an oven at about 50 degrees for five hours, and allowed to cool after it was cooled.

Copper die casting part is similar the aluminum die casting, the die casting machine also the same, but the life of Cu Die Casting Mould is very short, only about 10,000 shots, because the high melting point of copper alloy, it is easy make the mould aging.

The copper die casting, brass die casting production flow chart

Die casting production flow chart

Materials of copper alloy die-casting: Cu 59-1, Cu 63, Cu62;

The precision of the Cu die casting part: ±0.15mm;

Smoothness of rough part: Ra3.2;

Shrinkage rate of brass die casting products: 0.6%;

Material wastage rate: 6%;

Cu die-casting machining allowance: 0.5mm~0.7mm;

Surface preparation methods: Sand blasted, Shot blasting, Powder coating, Painting, Plating, Polishing.

Our company's production equipment and management system

copper die casting production equipment: L.K brand die casting machine From 160T, 200T, 280T, 400T,

CNC machining center: 6;

CNC lathe machine: 12;

Work days of one week: From Monday to Saturday;

Shift work: 2 shift per day;

Working hours: From AM 8:00 to PM 4:30;

2D and 3D drawing Software: AutoCAD, UG, Pro/E, SolidWorks 2015;

QC control: New type NANO CMM, FPI M5000 desktop metal analyzer, Mechanical properties tester.

My company`s strengths of Cu die casting, CNC machining, and QA control.

My company strength of brass die casting, CNC machining, and QA control

Copper alloy die casting parts

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