Chinese machine tool export service problem to be solved

Chinese machine tool export service problem to be solved Xu Jin talked about the current deficiencies of Chinese machine tool companies. "The main problem with China's machine tool exports is after-sales service. Machine tools have been exported to all parts of the world, but after-sales service stations are not available." Xu Jin said that no one had repaired the machine and there was no difference with scrap iron. At the same time, your product's image and reputation will also decline.

In contrast, foreign companies do a lot better in after-sales service. Delegates from relevant Spanish associations made it clear that they should establish more after-sales service agencies in China and do their utmost to do a good job of after-sales service. It seems that the period of China's machine tool industry still needs to wait.

In addition, with the increasing demand for domestic CNC machine tools, the development of CNC machine tools has promoted the innovation and upgrading of CNC machine tools. At present, the key functional components industry of high-end CNC machine tools in China cannot meet domestic needs. The domestic CNC functional component industry mainly has the following problems.

1, Adaptability and Satisfaction far outreach market demand

From the current development trend of China's CNC machine tools, the adaptability and satisfaction of domestically-made functional components is far from the market's needs. Mainly in:

There is a certain gap between the product level of China's functional components and foreign countries. Most of the functional components currently produced in China are labor-intensive and have low technological content, which is difficult to adapt to the development speed and technical requirements of domestic CNC machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools.

China's functional components have weak development capabilities, and new product development is slow. Most of the functional components need to be developed cooperatively, cooperatively, jointly, or even assembled. Although there have been significant changes in the situation in the past two years, the high-tech, state-of-the-art functional components are still in the process of development and the market share prospects are still not optimistic.

2. The scale of CNC production enterprises in China is small

According to statistics, there are more than 70 functional component manufacturing enterprises with fixed assets of over 10 million yuan, accounting for less than 10% of all production enterprises. There are four types of “original” production enterprises in China: First, enterprises that have developed from research institutes and colleges and universities with technical support can be called “hospital types”. The characteristics of these enterprises are: there is a certain technical foundation and talent base, there are a number of technological development potential, but the production means is weak, it is difficult to form an industrial scale in a short period of time, there are also some gaps in the cost, marketing, services, etc.; The second is the gradual development of “independent” and “separation” from the main plant to develop a functional component, which can be called “main plant type”. These enterprises can adapt to the market demand in terms of production capacity, technological level, and experience. They can form a scale to some extent, but due to their inextricable links with the original OEMs, they often give users doubts in the competition. Affecting its market development, at the same time, its development capabilities also have certain limitations, so it is difficult to form a famous brand; Third, a large number of private enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang emerged, can be called "private enterprises type." These enterprises mainly focus on labor-intensive and single-type products, such as chain guards, pallets, fuel injection pipes, chip conveyors, and lighting equipment. Due to fierce competition, its quality and price can meet the market needs of middle and low-end CNC machine tools. Although these varieties of high-end products can not be manufactured, but also need to rely on imports, but to a large extent, adapted to the overall needs of China's current development of CNC machine tools; there are some foreign joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises to produce some of the higher level of functional components , but the volume is small, and there is no independent technical development capability, it is difficult to become the main body of the functional components and the mainstream.

3, a large number of core components rely on imports

The development of China's CNC machine tool industry is remarkable. In 2008, China's CNC machine tool industry achieved a total industrial output value of 3472.3 billion yuan, and the product sales value was 334.83 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.5% and 26.0%, respectively. From 2002 to 2008, China was the world's first machine tool consumer and the first importer. However, behind the rapid development of the industry, one fact that cannot be ignored is that the production of key parts and components in China is still subject to human beings, and there has been a situation where the profits are not high and the products lack core competitiveness.

4, lack of high-tech threat to industrial safety

The year-on-year growth of China's machine tool exports has maintained a gratifying trend. However, the "quantity of price increase" has directly reflected our technological level. The lack of a large number of core technologies and the dependence of key components directly affect China's machine tool industry safety. Therefore, we need to strengthen awareness of early-warning work, condense industry wisdom and strength, and maintain industrial safety.

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