Jiatong Tire Shenzhen Fair will create a green image

On October 12, 2011, the 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Expo opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and the debut of the three environmentally friendly tires - Jiatong GAC819, Jiaan PAL525, and PAL526 - were advanced energy saving and environmental protection technologies. Demonstration, vivid energy-saving and environmental protection interactive games, etc., all made Jiatong tires the focus of the audience. The interpretation of the concept of "Green Logistics, Green Freight" was demonstrated.

As an innovator and leader in the fuel-saving tire market, Jiatong Tire was the first to support the “Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project” and exhibited with the theme of “more fuel-efficient, more durable and refurbished”, introducing the latest fuel-saving and environmental protection technologies. product.

Jiatong Tire

"Green Logistics" deserved the main driving force

The special green freight exhibition area added to this fair attracted a lot of attention from the audience. With the opportunity of the "Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project" officially launched here, Giti Tire took the lead in cooperating with the project to provide excellent energy-saving products and services for the project, and stood out from the many outstanding exhibitors.

According to reports, the "Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project" was led by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation and was supported by the Global Environment Fund, the World Bank, the Australian Agency for International Development, the US Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Program, and the Clean Air Action Center for Asian Cities. Through market guidance and policy support, demonstration and promotion of the world's leading green truck road technology, suspension and transportation technology, and logistics and transaction information platform construction, it will take 3-4 years to achieve the goal of reducing over 10% of road freight in Guangzhou Province. .

Jiatong Tire will supply energy-saving and environmentally-friendly tires for the project and provide corresponding technical support in order to help more than 500,000 freight companies in Guangdong Province to further improve energy efficiency. This move of Jiatong Tire will promote the sustainable development of the industry and will also create a huge environmental benefit for the society.

A variety of energy-saving and environmentally friendly tires shine the audience

After years of painstaking research, Giti successfully developed a new low rolling resistance formula. With this formula, tires with lower heat generation and smaller rolling resistance set a new milestone in energy saving and environmental protection tire technology.

At the scene, three new energy-saving and environmentally friendly products of Jiatong Tire, namely Jiatong GAC819, Jiaan PAL525 and PAL526, met with consumers for the first time and became a well-deserved dazzling star in the exhibition. Among them, Jiatong GAC819 faces the long-distance high-speed passenger transportation market, and Jiaan PAL525 and PAL526 meet the fuel-saving needs of the standard cargo transportation market. In addition, on the site of the company, Jiatong Tire also exhibited two original star products, the fuel-saving upgrade of Giti GT867 and Jiaan PAL517, and the Gatton GT669+ and GSL213, which have been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay as low rolling resistance tires. . The collective debut of numerous energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products made the stars of the Jiatong tire booth bright and shining.

Dancing energy-saving environmental protection whirlwind

While providing high-quality energy-saving products, excellence, professionalism, and caring service are the ultimate guarantees for energy conservation and environmental protection. How to use the tires is the most fuel-efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly tires. How to choose and maintain the tires, Jia Tong tires held two technical seminars on site, to provide the majority of the team, the user with the most professional answers and recommendations. At the same time, Jia Tong Tire set up a number of interactive games at the exhibition site to deepen and simplify the way, so that the majority of the team and users understand the relevant knowledge of tire fuel economy, to help them save fuel on the tires to save money.

Leading energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, thoughtful and thoughtful services, and active participation in green projects have all announced that Giti Tire has taken a solid foothold in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, leading the green trend in the development of the industry! Jiatong Tire has become the practitioner and main driving force of China's green logistics.

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