Ningxia University successfully developed desert robot

Recently, the reporter learned from Ningxia University School of Physics and Electrical Information that the institute undertook the "Desert Belt Sand Dust Monitoring and Information Retrieval Technology Cooperation Project" recently passed the expert group acceptance and obtained 15 invention patents and 8 utility model patent desert robots Is one of the main practical results of the project.

Ningxia University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Chinese Academy of Cold and Dry Cooperative developed a desert robot, divided into six-legged legged desert robot and wheeled desert robot two samples. One six-legged legged desert robot load of 8 kg, wheeled desert robot load of 80 kg, and is equipped with solar panels, two kinds of desert robot life can be 1 hour.

Desert robots equipped with sensors to measure wind speed, local air pressure, humidity, sand vibration, wind erosion and other data, in order to prevent sand being buried, desert robots also installed sand buried sensors. All kinds of data collected by the desert robot can be transmitted back to the remote data center through the microwave bridge with a maximum transmission distance of 25 km.

It is understood that various types of desert environment data are mainly collected from the upper-air observatories, and the collection of near-surface and various types of data is still more difficult due to restrictions on conditions. Desert robots effectively solve this problem. Yang Zelin, a professor at the School of Physical Electrical Information at Ningxia University, said: "All kinds of sensors carried by desert robots are about 50 centimeters away from the desert ground. All the data collected are near-earth environmental data, which is mainly used for the research on the dust environment. Provide support to desertification control and dust control in Ningxia and its neighboring provinces. "

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