Instrumentation industry set off a new wave

In the past three years, mergers and acquisitions in the instrument industry have continued one after another. From the financial crisis of 2009 to the debt crisis in Europe and America in 2011, the economic downturn has created a good environment for mergers and acquisitions, and transaction prices have become more appropriate. According to rough statistics, there were as many as 68 cases of related mergers and acquisitions reported in 2011, and M&A activities generally rose compared to 2010, culminating in a merger and acquisition peak.

More companies become the protagonists of mergers and acquisitions One of the biggest features of the M&A events in the instrument industry in 2011 was that more and more companies became the protagonists of mergers and acquisitions. 44 companies were involved in 68 mergers and acquisitions, of which PerkinElmer became a 7-merger event. The companies with the largest number of mergers and acquisitions in 2011 exceeded Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., which has been the main business expansion method for mergers and acquisitions; Agilent Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific ranked 6 and 5 respectively. Second and third. In addition, Bruker, Merck Millipore, Oxford Instruments completed three mergers and acquisitions, Sigma-Aldrich, Hammer Group, Spectris Group, GE Healthcare, QuestDiagnostics completed two mergers and acquisitions. More companies have become protagonists in mergers and acquisitions, and large companies are increasingly adopting merger and acquisition strategies to expand or enhance their product lines and technological capabilities.

Judging from the amount of mergers and acquisitions, the biggest deal in the instrument industry in 2011 was Danaher’s $6.8 billion acquisition of Beckman Coulter. Although the transaction amount did not exceed the amount of Thermo acquired by Fisher in 2006, it was also a recent one. Top five deals; the second largest deal is Thermo Fisher's $3.5 billion acquisition of Phadia, and PerkinElmer's $600 million acquisition of CaliperLifeSciences and Sartorius' 68 million euro acquisition of Biohit is also seen as a major acquisition of the instrument industry in 2011. event.

The life sciences area has become a hot spot for mergers and acquisitions. With the growing market size of the life sciences and molecular diagnostics business, it is reported that the market size of the life sciences is as high as US$40 billion. Such a large cake has attracted foreign major instrumentalists to focus on this point of view. Markets and life sciences have become hot spots for M&A in 2011. The top three deals in 2011 were in the life sciences.

The 2011 M&A scene in the life sciences industry opened from the end of 2010. In December 2010, Beckman Coulter released news that it was interested in selling due to trouble with the recall of testing instruments. Since then, GE, 3M, Danaher, Thermo Fisher, and several private equity funds have all expressed interest in bidding. Nach bid for $6.8 billion. According to statistics, the mergers and acquisitions in the instrument industry throughout the year involved 22 life sciences, accounting for one-third of all mergers and acquisitions in 2011.

In addition, among the top three companies in the instrument industry in 2011, the life sciences also occupied a major position in the mergers and acquisitions they implemented. Among them, there are four Agilent related to the life sciences and three for the Turbo. PerkinElmer has 3 items.

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