Air source heat pump energy saving and environmental protection main "technology card"

Abstract: In recent years, air-energy water heaters have led the development of the hot water market with low-carbon energy-saving advantages and have become the focus of attention from all walks of life. As we all know, the air-heat-heat-pump water heaters have only been in China for more than ten years, and now they have only begun to expand. And development. Compared with the United States, it has fallen 50 years behind and has fallen 30 years behind Japan. Compared with the developed countries in Europe, it cannot be compared with Japan.

Air energy heat pump, also known as air energy water heater, air source heat pump, can be used in domestic hot water, heating, drying, high temperature hot water and other applications, can replace the traditional electric water heaters, gas water heaters, coal-fired boilers, electric drying , Coal baking and other high energy consumption, high pollution use. The use of cost and electricity, coal, hydrazine, natural gas, diesel, etc. have a great deal of worry. In the face of the wide heating market in the north, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity for the air heat pump water heaters to take off.

The heating metering reform is currently one of the ways the country responds to heating and high energy consumption, saves energy, saves energy, and saves costs. It has been implemented for six years, but the results are not satisfactory. Some experts think that in order to truly achieve energy-saving effects, multi-pronged approaches should be adopted to minimize the use of high-pollution, high-energy coal resource filters, and promote the use of high-efficiency, low-carbon, energy-efficient air-energy heat pumps.

Looking at the current domestic air source heat pump hot water unit engineering application examples, most of the problems are also concentrated in the installation and use less than 1 year, from the water consumption point of view are mostly concentrated in 10 tons of water within a single or two units for many. Host issues, control issues, tank design issues, and more. Enough to influence the user's confidence in the use of air source heat pump, the long-term is bound to affect the promotion and application of excellent products. This article also proposes solutions for the majority of merchants to pay attention to in future operations.

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