Domestic hydraulic components will soon break the foreign monopoly and bring new opportunities for development

With the promulgation of the implementation plan for the revitalization of the mechanical basic parts industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the establishment of the preparatory organization for high-end hydraulic parts collaborative working platforms for construction machinery at the end of last year, China has entered a substantive stage in the special campaigns for the core components of hydraulic equipment and other engineering machinery. According to Changsha Baosen, director of the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Industry Association, changing the status of hydraulic components under the long-term control of people and realizing the development of the host machine and supporting equipment over the same period will bring new opportunities for the development of China's machinery industry.

The core components are subject to people's reform and opening up 30 years ago, Chinese companies have almost achieved the leading position in the domestic market in all subdivided areas of construction machinery, but the lack of the three core parts and components technology of hydraulic components, engines, and electronic control systems has always restricted China's engineering. The machinery industry made great strides in the international market and caused the Chinese construction machinery industry to be long-term rather than strong, making over 70% of the profits of the Chinese construction machinery industry captured by foreign giants.

Sha Baosen believes that imported parts and components not only occupy a larger proportion of the total cost of construction machinery, but also make the timely supply of these key components has seriously affected the normal production and business activities of China's construction machinery enterprises.

Among the three core components of construction machinery hydraulic components, engines, and electronic control systems, hydraulic components technology is the biggest bottleneck in the development of Chinese construction machinery enterprises. In the excavator's high-pressure and large-flow hydraulic devices, the products of domestic excavator parts enterprises are also It is difficult to meet the matching requirements of excavator companies in the country. Therefore, the excavator's core components depend heavily on imports, and it also devours most of the profits of the excavator industry in China.

China's domestic hydraulic components technology is weak, and when the world-famous brands compete on the same platform, they are obviously at a disadvantage. Therefore, in the domestic construction machinery industry, there is a saying that “they must obtain hydraulic pressure for the foundry and get the hydraulic pressure to get the world”.

In the 1990s, XCMG took the "market-for-technology" route and formed an excavator joint venture with the US construction machinery giant Caterpillar in Shandong. However, due to slow technology digestion and innovation, it is difficult to have a large hydraulic component technology. Technological breakthrough. As a result, XCMG hoped to break through the technology through mergers and acquisitions and successively acquired two European companies with high-end hydraulic components manufacturing core technologies.

At present, the multinational giant Rexroth in the global sales of hydraulic products exceeds the total output value of China's hydraulic industry, highlighting the huge gap between China's hydraulic technology and foreign countries. In order to control the Chinese market, Rexroth's lead time for Chinese companies is 88 weeks, which means that Chinese companies now have to decide on the volume of hydraulic products purchased in 2013. In the case of a huge market change in the construction machinery industry, such a hegemony clause means that Chinese companies must take on their own huge market risks. When the financial crisis caused the market to shrink in 2008, Rexroth asked Chinese companies to take delivery within 4 months. When the supply of hydraulic products was insufficient, Rexroth delayed the delivery unilaterally and decided on a small amount of compensation. This has caused the Chinese construction machinery industry to have a sense of frustration on the key components.

Industry alliance is a positive path not only for hydraulic components, bearings in high-speed rail equipment, high-end gear transmissions in the coal machinery industry, and car cover molds, etc., which are heavily dependent on imports.

As hydraulic parts, bearings, gears, and molds are important parts and components in the equipment manufacturing industry, China’s dependence on imports of key components has severely restricted China’s construction machinery companies from vigorously exploring the international market. In the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Machinery Basic Parts, Basic Manufacturing Processes and Basic Materials Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year, China’s proposed five-year efforts, China’s mechanical basic parts, basic manufacturing processes and basic materials industry (abbreviated as “ The "triple-based" innovation capability will be significantly enhanced, the level of processing and manufacturing will be significantly improved, and it will basically meet the development needs of major equipment, and the situation in which the development of the industry is seriously lagging behind will be changed. The international community will increase support and guidance for existing industrial agglomeration areas such as bearings, gears, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, seals, chains and sprockets, fasteners, springs, molds, and basic materials, and cultivate a few advantageous enterprises.

Sha Baosen said that in the past, China's hydraulics industry has not accumulated enough technical development. Now in the field of hydraulic components and liquid gas tightness, investment in China's existing projects is also worth more than ten billion yuan, but the domestic liquid-tightness industry is busy with the products. In the low-end market, the homogenization of products is difficult to open. It requires the guidance of the country's policies. The host company and the domestic basic parts enterprises form alliances and take the road of joint restructuring.

If the basic part company participates in the host product development process, it fully understands the host's technical development requirements and process requirements. Host companies actively support domestically-produced basic parts and provide time, machines, and sites for the life test of new products of basic companies. Both of them achieve deep cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and they can gain advantages in competition with foreign companies.

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