Two scientific research achievements, such as the liquid level meter testing device of Jiangsu Measurement Institute, were granted patent

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, the Scientific Research Achievements of the Jiangsu Institute of Metrology Institute of Thermal Science and Technology “A Level Gauge Test Device” and “Vacuum Field Calibration Device” have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for utility model patents.

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Level gauge is a device for measuring the level of liquid medium in a container. It is mainly used in special equipment tanks. It needs real-time understanding of the liquid remaining capacity in tanks as an important measuring instrument. The accuracy of the measurement of the liquid level gauge directly affects the enterprise. The cost accounting, energy conservation and other economic indicators.
The liquid level gauge detection device is suitable for the detection of ultrasonic level gauge, microwave radar level gauge, guided wave radar level gauge and magnetostrictive level gauge, and has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, wide applicability and simple operation.
The vacuum field calibration device provides a device that can calibrate various vacuum gauges in the field. It has a compact structure and a wide measurement coverage.
In this year's three research projects of thermal level where the liquid level gauge, vacuum and automatic detection, applied for four patents, there are still two invention patents are in the substantive review stage.
(Original Title: 2 Scientific Research Achievements of Provincial Metrology Institute Granted Utility Model Patent)

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