"T" Technology Boosts German, American and Japanese Competitions

With the launch of Dongfeng Nissan's new-generation TIIDA GTS, the first turbocharged Japanese model, the domestic automobile market, Turbo, entered a new round of climax. Originally, the "T-Taiwan" which was divided by the Ashkenazi and U.S. Departments, the "Spoiler" of the new generation of TIIDA GTS not only caused Khan and GM to knead their sweat, but also announced the advent of the era of the "three pillars" of the German, American, and Japanese battlefield. .

Japanese participation in the war boosts the Turbo market

Throughout the domestic auto market, from the luxury car brand, to the joint venture brand, to its own brand, Turbo models emerge one after another. The market share is relatively large, consumers are most concerned about, is a joint venture brand. With the continuous development of the advantages of turbocharged power and the restrictions imposed by various automobile policies on displacement, the “T” era of the auto market has officially emerged.

In the series of German-based representatives of the brand Volkswagen, North and South Volkswagen almost all models are equipped with a Turbo engine, providing consumers with more choices. Italian Fiat, which is a European brand, is also equipped with a 1.4T engine in its imported cars such as Bo Yue and Ling Ya. At the same time, Shanghai GM has also adopted turbocharged engines such as the new Regal and Cruze models of the Buick and Chevrolet brands.

With the turbocharged models from Europe and the United States entering the market, Dongfeng Nissan also ushered in a new generation of TIIDA GTS equipped with Turbo engines. In fact, there is no lack of turbocharger technology in Japanese OEMs. As early as the 1980s, Japanese models equipped with turbocharged engines have become popular, such as the globally known "Road Ares" NISSAN GT-R. Today, when domestic consumers demand higher demands on power and performance, Japanese cars such as the new generation of turbocharged engines, TIIDA GTS, SUBARU STI, and Mitsubishi EVO have officially entered the Chinese market in different ways.

After the launch of the new generation of TIIDA GTS, the competition in the Turbo market has once again warmed up. A salesperson from the Beijing Yayuncun Automobile Trading Market stated that after the listing of “Japan's first T”, the consumer-to-store rate has increased significantly, and the number of customers for test rides and test drive turbocharged models has also increased significantly. It can be said that the new generation of TIIDA GTS has caused A new round of boom in the Turbo market.

The T-Meeting Competition in Germany, the United States and Japan

From 1885 Daimler Gottlieb invented mechanical booster technology. By 1925, Swiss engineer Dr. Alfred Posey successfully used exhaust gas booster technology to achieve a 40% increase in car engine power. Turbocharger rimming. Due to the differences in regional characteristics and industrial development of various countries, the development of Turbo technology also presents different characteristics.

The development concept of the turbocharged technology of the German and U.S. Departments is based on the reduction of emissions and the enhancement of power, which is more suitable for routine urban road driving. The Japanese turbocharger technology is more likely to be used in high-end sports models, and it can easily erupt in the actual driving of strong power and acceleration, and is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who pursue passion.

Looking at the entire Turbo market, the new MR16DDT direct-injection turbocharged engine on the new generation of TIIDA GTS can burst out of 140kw of maximum power and 240Nm of maximum torque, achieving a total overtake in data. With the lightweight, low-impact body design, it can achieve the best acceleration at the same level, with 0-100km/h acceleration time of only 8.2 seconds. At the same time, the MR16DDT direct-injection turbocharged engine is equipped with Nissan's cutting-edge dual C-VTC continuously variable valve timing intelligent control system, smart turbocharger system and DIG in-cylinder direct injection system.

It is undeniable that the new generation of TIIDA GTS has been officially listed on May 28th until the end of May. It has sold nearly 600 units in only 4 days and has been successfully acclaimed. In addition to the "core" of this power, there is also a product strength that exceeds that of the same class. Fashionable and dynamic "jump" style design, new high-quality interior, the largest 2,700 mm wheelbase in the same level and 681 mm of rear-row knee space, the new generation XTRONIC CVT, and the same level of "three-dimensional ultra-quiet" "Engineering" and Nissan's "360-degree surround comfort" technology are all powerful tools for attacking cities.

The industry believes that the new generation of TIIDA GTS has been firmly established on the “T station”. The domestic Turbo market has entered the German, American, and Japanese systems. The “three pillars” era has officially come.

The hatchback king TIIDA GTS was born as the first Japanese model equipped with a turbocharged engine, and the new generation of TIIDA GTS came into being. With the "T-Power" powerful power system and the "T-Box" ultra-stable body and suspension The cool and dynamic "Agile" styling design and the wide-ranging high-quality "U-Room" concept driving space fully meet the consumer demand of the new generation of elites in pursuit of sports and passionate driving. The passionate young trend of individuality owners brings high-end innovation and dynamic passion with “Careful Life”.

It is understood that the new generation of TIIDA GTS adopts the new “T-Power” powerful power system development concept of Nissan’s customers for driving pleasure and sports passion, integrating “high power output + low fuel consumption”, “high response speed” and "High stability" is an integral part. It is equipped with MR16 DIG TURBO direct-injection turbocharged engine and new power combination with 6-speed manual mode XTRONIC CVT, allowing customers to enjoy the most fun driving pleasure.

The MR16 DIG TURBO new direct-injection turbocharged engine combines Nissan's cutting-edge dual C-VTC continuous variable valve timing intelligent control system, smart turbocharger system and DIG in-cylinder direct injection system, as well as three innovative low friction technologies and Fully optimized engine cooling technology. Advanced cooling technology also brings extremely high stability in similar engines. The XTRONIC CVT intelligent transmission system is equipped with the world's most advanced variable speed technology, specially equipped with 6-speed manual mode and ASC logic control system to achieve a high level of intelligence, which not only brings superior fuel savings of more than 15% compared to conventional AT. Economical, but also get a smooth driving experience.

To give full play to the performance of the "T-Power" powerful power system, it also adopts the new "T-Box" ultra-stable body and suspension system, which has been greatly improved by the optimized design of front and rear suspension layouts, high rigid body structure and high-performance suspension components. Improve driving stability and maneuverability.

Industry commentators: “The new generation of TIIDA GTS is the first Japanese model equipped with a turbocharged engine. It integrates Nissan’s latest technology and builds strong technical strength and product strength that exceeds that of its class, and it not only becomes a technical benchmark for a sports mid-size hatchback. It also occupies the market commanding height of the mid-level hatchback and will become another distinct label for 'Technology Nissan'."


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