Jiangsu Changshan bearing industry "green transformation" effect

It was learnt that through the application of the most advanced CNC grinders and other equipment in China, Zhejiang Jem Bearing Co., Ltd. has embarked on a high-end and refined route and has successfully entered the top foreign auto markets such as “Fiat” and “Citroën”. "Chery Automobile" largest bearing supplier. Product production and sales are booming. From January to May, the company achieved a sales income of 59.45 million yuan, an increase of 73.2% year-on-year, and orders were placed at the end of this year.

In Changshan, not only the “Tim Bearing” and other bearing industries have increased the added value of their products through equipment upgrades and technological transformations. Through the implementation of the green development strategy, the entire traditional industry has accelerated the transformation and upgrading and promoted economic growth.

Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. last year introduced a new “Multi-Channel Classification Air Conditioning System Technical Transformation” project. Compared with traditional equipment, it not only saves more than RMB 1 million each year, but also can use 45 tons of available raw materials from the components of the dust collector to save costs. Ten thousand yuan, "green property" highlighted, the project has therefore received strong support from the county, has been completed and put into use. This year, "Changshan Textile" invested more than 7 million yuan to purchase the latest equipment such as the "high-speed comber," and raw material utilization and production efficiency have been further improved. With sales volume unchanged from the same period of last year, total output value in the first quarter was exceeded. 100 million yuan, more than double the amount of the same period last year.

For key industries supported by key industries, the county has introduced a policy to give priority to the protection of land and other factors, giving priority to packaging projects and obtaining various types of special funds, and rewarding major projects. The launch of this series of "combination boxing" has become a catalyst for accelerating the "green transformation" of traditional industries. Last year, the county implemented a total of 65 green technological transformation projects, which promoted the equipment renewal, technological innovation and product innovation of enterprises such as bearings, chemicals, textiles, calcium products, food, bamboo and wood processing.

Promote green development "forced" mechanism. We will use orderly electricity, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction as the starting point, speed up the elimination of outdated production capacity in high-consumption industries, strengthen the recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste, waste heat, etc., and guide enterprises in accordance with the green development direction and vigorously develop circular economy so that The high-energy-consuming industries such as chemicals and building materials, which play an important role in the traditional industries of Changshan, have gained new life and accelerated the creation of “green companies”.

Changshan Jiangshanhu Cement Co., Ltd. is applying for the certification of “clean production system” and is determined to carry out “green cement” production in the end. In the first five months of this year, the company's waste heat power generation was 18.6 million kWh, and the company was able to save 3.8 million kWh of electricity through technological innovations such as the chopper speed control. With only these two items, the company saved more than 9.7 million yuan in production costs. While optimizing the production process and strengthening fine control, the cement quality has also been improved and the products have opened up. In the first five months of this year, the sales volume of “Jiangshanhu” cement clinker and finished products had nearly doubled over the same period of last year, while the profit of more than 90 million yuan over the same period was twice the profit of last year. At present, the level of Changshan cement industry technology and equipment has entered the advanced ranks in the world, and the energy consumption per unit product has dropped significantly. In the first five months, it achieved a profit of 260 million yuan.

The traditional "green transformation" has been effective. In the first five months of this year, 76 industrial enterprises in Changshan County achieved an industrial output value of 3.48 billion yuan, an increase of 47.7% year-on-year, and a profit of 348 million yuan, an increase of 316 million yuan over the same period last year.

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